Will things get better for me?

  • Lately, it feels like everyone is mad at me. I recently got into a huge fight with my guy friend, and he snapped at me. Then the next day, I got into a huge fight with my mom, and now, I just got a call from someone I haven't spoken to in about a year who had called to basically just give me a piece of their mind.

    I feel awful.

    Could someone please do a spread for me to see if things will get better? I would appreciate it more than anything right now.

  • IMElizabeth,

    I've noticed that you keep asking for a reading but no one replies. I'd like to give you a reading just email me at highpriestesstarot@hotmail.com and say:

    I (name) give you permission to cast my cards about (topic).

    It's free - I just want to help. I am booked up until Monday so don't expect anything back until then. Thanks.


  • IMElizabeth, if you want a good reading try Lavinia http://www.realtarotreadings.net/ (it's quite cheap too)

    Let me know how you go.

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