Cancer question ( what do they want)!!!

  • kitty your post made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well after reading this, I need to step back & take a long look at myself in the mirror... Get to know the Cancerian in me That is so emotional & over excited & not happy or content 100%

    but tolerates much ~~~ Hmmmm , hard to really become another Sign when my blueprint isstamped Cancer Star now go to some Damage.... Ugh..... sometime.. i wish i were born a Pices...Yes Really

    LOL they are truly adorable loving & patient .... xoxoxoxoxo

  • Kittymoon how beautiful, deep, sincere, and inspirational. I feel like you trusted me with a look into your private world. I get to see this side of my cancer once in a while, it's intoxicating. The depth that you discussed your emotional space is infinate, although my cancer has never verbalized it this way i can feel it... this is what attracted me to him, it bonds us, and is one of the reasons i believe that with time we can work out any of our differences.

  • Oh, does any one have any sudgestions on how to I can bring up my desire for a title (girlfriend,partner, fiance, wife) for the past 3 years I've told him that I don't want that , am not into that ect. He's asked me many times about my feelings on the subject, when we first met I was newly divorced when we got involved he was newly divorced. I told him titles and expectations just complicate genuine connection and I didn't want to compromise ours, It was true in the beggining, but not anymore. Should I just come flat out and say it or wait til he ask me again?

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  • kitty moon, you were right on the money! Those of us who are aware, do ask our partners for downtime to process the intensity of emotion. But likewise, we also give our equally sensitive partners plenty of time to process their emotions too. Although that could be those of us with Cancer Sun and a stellium in Scorpio!


  • I agree with you SexyGem. I wouldn never base an astrology chart off someones sign and how to react during a relationship. I would always go with the person at best. But consulting teh chart is can also help you look inside a person.

    As a Sag we can be quite loving and caring to a fault that puts us in trouble ๐Ÿ˜› but uinfortunately we tend to be VERy outspoken and blunt and very honest adn sometimes we do not think what we say will hurt. Cancers are VERY sensitive and Sag's honestly just don'thave the patience to wait. We like tohave our answers and we well pester the heck out of you until we do. BUT it is only because we care abotu what is going and we want to know if there is something to do to help.

    With you Cancer. You have to just give him space. Check on him time to time but don't 'hover' when he is in 'hermit' mode. It will just irritate him further.

    I don't know to much about a Gem female I know mostly males though, my love interst is a male. I think females show more feelings and more phsyical love is that correct? As a female I think when you mate dissappears it really shocks us and cause us to wonder what is going on and we like to get down to the bottom of things. Its what we do ๐Ÿ™‚

  • After reading my story with this guy over and over in other women's stories I've decided that we probably should "just be friends" I wonder if maybe he was like this all along and I just didn't notice until we became romanticly linked. It is too hard being soooo intimate with a person and not knowing when, if , or why he will distance himself (again). It is really more then I even realized I was dealing with until sharing my story and learning from other's who've shared theirs. I love him and always will, but we may not be what the other needs. Thank You for all of your support, help and advice.

  • I think KittyMoon's post was very well put. I have been dating a Cancer for almost 2 years Now and only very recently has he finally decided to be in a relationhip with me and actually tell me he Loves me. He said these two things are very difficult for him, and it was only when I threatened to leave that this all came about (which makes me insecure).

    To the OP, I do want to say that while it may not be what you want to hear, what QueenLadyTrey4 said about him probably cheating because they are never satisfied, this was true in my case. 3 months ago, I found out he was sleeping with someone else for the past year and a half! He was the last person I would have ever thought would AND could do something so hurtful and betraying to me, but he did. All the constant disappearing acts, non-communication, etc, your situation sounds very similar to mines. ย And even when things were great between us and I thought we'd grown so close, he was still sleeping with this other woman and she was in love with him, but he says she meant nothing more than a friend with benefits to him. I just recently found out he was also sleeping with his ex too and dating multiple other women as well (although he says he didn't sleep with the others); he referred to them as "past times". When I asked why he wouldn't just leave me alone if he felt the need to be with other women so bad, he said that he couldn't leave me. He said he wants his best possible match, and so far that person is me and he doesn't think he'll find anyone better BUT he is still curious. I noticed a lot of the Cancer men saying the same thing in their comments on this post. It is selfishness and it is immature, but this is what you're dealing with. In order to be in a relationship with a Cancer Man, it's about proving to them that you're the best possible match. But always know, until they're confident that you are, they will always retreat and be open to finding something better. That is just my opinion. My Cancer told me that once he makes a committment, he doesn't cheat and that it's a very big deal to him, so although our trust is shattered, I'm willing to put his word to the test because I do love him & vice versa, BUT I know very well what I'm getting myself into. You just have to know what you're willing to put up with and what you aren't. I will say being with a Cancer isn't the ideal relationship for me and if I could go back, I'd never choose it, however I am too far in to get out now.

    If you can truly just remain friends with him, you should do so, at least and until he is mature and ready.

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