• Hi Astra,

    I requested an update reading a few weeks ago but I guess you missed it. May I get an update?

    Luke 12-31-77 & Matt 12-31-78. Do you need the original (first read) you did for me a few months back?

    Thank you so much,


  • Hey Aries22

    No, let's leave the old reading back there. Moving forward...

    Before we delve into any sort of reading, may I ask some questions first?

    What are you hoping to gain from this reading? I understand that you have these two men you are interested in. Are you wanting to connect with one of them deeper? Can you give me a little more specifics on what you are wanting the outcome to be, and with whom?

    thanks, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you for answering back. Right now I'm at a crossroad

    I thought I was madly in love with one and now I'm falling for

    the other one too. I guess I would choose either one at this point but it really just depends on which one can give me the stable relationship I am looking for that will lead to marriage, children & the perfect life lol. Which one if any is willing to fight for me & be my knight

    Am I dreaming ?? Anyway, I really hope that helps. I'm confused...what can I say 😕

    Desperately seeking advice,


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