What's with his non-answer? Anyone...blmoon, shuabby, captain, others?

  • Sigh...me asking to sit down and have a talk about this months ago is exactly what sparked this whoooole thing to start. He balked and fumbled and blah. Honesty, talking things out, etc...not his strong suit. Which is how I end up here, lol.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • when i said he expects you to pick up where you left off, i did not exactly mean the conversation or the talk. that is not what he is going to do so you mi ght as well drop it and move on. what he is expecting is for you two to pick up where you left off BEFORE THE TALK. lol,,

    do you understand? n oathing is going to change. people do not change, but circumstances do, experiences do transform you, but ov erall people do not change, and not ever. ask yourself what you expect from this unique relationship. he already betrayed you by gossiping about your moments together, and that alone already trashed what you two had. now everybody knows. what is he aiming for? an orgy? that would not surprise me, and he is not exactly faithful to anyone person.

    you will only get hurt ifyou continue to try to get back into his life, because what he has in mind is for you two to pick up where you left off and before your talk. he is not going to talk to you about what isbothering you, because he sees it he is not wrong, and not going to cha nge.


  • Yeah who knows exactly what he wants. He never really truly takes what he wants with both hands; he just tries to goad and manipulate people to his whim.

    If he wants to pick up where we left off before this all happened, then I feel sorry for him, because it had been going downhill for awhile. The last time we were 100% solid was the week all of his pursuits strengthened and I freaked out.

    And I suppose he will just be met with disappointment if he comes back and wants to forget it all happened. I'm all about saying "hey, ok, let's just move on" but during this whole process he's really slayed me; would get defensive and say and do very apathetic and hurtful things.

    So, screw him I guess 🙂

  • Have you known him for awhile--He is more domineering than you in this reading. 4 swords/devil. You may also be letting him dominate. Break/alone time indicated. Follow hunches. You are a stable person or more stable than he. What's indicated for you is more balance or balance is needed--#2 cards, Priestess/2 rods/ 2 swords. Need for a position to be taken. I feel like your being patient by not speaking up perhaps waiting on him. What's blocking you is that your "imaging" right now. Embracing the mystery--take the blindfold off is the advice. Your challenge in the present is that you're not moving forward. Queen of rods in challenges--failing to feel upbeat about situation, inability to tackle obstacles. Are you a creative type. Is he an addictive type. I feel like he's being shown as the Devil card. Someone (you?) is holding onto money etc. careful w/possessions. This is a characteristic that is in the foundation of who you are. You're being shown as a person that knows what they want but not expressing it or going forward in present. Something also in your foundation is the tendency to imagine the possibilities. You have lost your balance because of a wait and see and not speaking-up. A happier time is shown in past. A childlike, carefree innocence. Could also mean that you're too naieve w/this person. Need relationship to be more carefree and it isn't. Are you holding onto something for sentimental reasons. Could be a number of things. 6 of cups paired w/4 of pentacles. This could be an emotional time for you. His personality/make-up is only going to hurt you.


    present--high priestess

    above--4 swords

    below--king of coins

    situation--4 coins

    past--6 of cups

    challenges--queen of rods


    blocks--2 of rods

    friends--2 of swords

    advice--8 of swords

    outcome--5 of cups

  • Daliolite - thank you again for the reading! Some of the things in it are very spot-on. We've known each other about 2 years, and I definitely "let" him dominate, haha. I am pretty creative, and i'm not sure what you mean by "addictive" type on his part - he does both have substance abuse issues as well has an extremely charming personality that sucks everyone in at least once. About the possessions or money, that might be more him - we both enjoy sentimental knick-knacks but he reveres his and looks at them often, and he is much better with money than I am. The worst thing i could do to him is take those things back; it would destroy him to not have those things (letters, postcards, little souvenirs). However, I do know what I want, and I have been waiting, and I'm very "imaginative" lol

    Anywho, thank you again! I've had a lot to think about the past few days.

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