Would Anyone Like A Reading?

  • Hello Everyone 😄

    Would anyone like a reading? Im using Golden Tarot by Kat Black at the moment. I have many decks so if you would prefer something else you could request a different deck.

    I have:

    Rider Waite

    Deviant Moon


    Secret Tarot

    Tarot of the Cat People

    Universal Fantasy

    Ludy Lescot

    Dark Angels

    The Gothic Tarot

    Tarot of the Vampyres

    (just to name a few)

    Im only going to take 6 requests for readings for this topic so I can keep track of them better. Also if you wanted a particular spread done let me know.

    lots of love

  • Hi LauraSA87

    You did a reading for me a while back. I would like to ask you if you see a marriage between me Aug 5, 1951 and a man May 15, 1953. if you would like to give someone a reading that hasn't had one with you before, I understand. If you don't mind giving me one on the marriage question, I'm thanking you in advance. I am really confused on what i should do.

    I love cats and I'm a Leo, so if you do the reading, please use the Cat People Tarot deck.

    Thanks Laura!

  • Hi Laura, may I have reading from u? Okay, I still wanna know abt things between me and this new guy Eric. Probably meeting him on Thursday. How will it go? Do we have a future together? Gf and bf thing? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks for ur help, Laura 🙂 hugs.

  • Hi may I have a reading aswell please.

    Thank you



  • Hello Laura,

    Please can I have a reading? My DOB is 03/10/75. Basically anything about my future!

    Many thanks!


  • May I ave a reading or my future, love, life, happiness. Using the Deviant Moon pack. DOB 21 nov 75. Thank u.

  • I would like also to participate.

    May i ask please about love in my life, future in this? thank you.

  • Hi LauraSA87!

    I see you already have your 6, but if you choose to do more, I would love a general reading. Also, I'd love to have one from the Thoth deck.

    Blessings, ~Laie4

  • Hi Laura,

    can I have a reading please about this gem guy? Thanks so much. Much appreciated.


  • Hi Laura,

    May I have a reading please - just a general reading if you have the time.

    Name - Elaine DOB 01/18/83.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Laura,

    I posted one reading request from the other topic you had. Here is it again. Is it the right time for me to purchase a house and if I proceed with the purchase will everything go smoothly?


  • Hi Laura,

    I also posted a reading request from the other topic you had. My question is about my finances and job outlook...do you see either improving? I have a possible settlement coming....anything regarding that?

    Thanks so much!

    Peace & blessings,


  • I would still like a reading too. Like I mentioned in the other topic: I was wondering if you could do relationship reading for me. The ones I seem to do for myself seem to fluctuate, but I take this as a sign that things are rather uncertain for us. In fact I get a lot of mixed messages from him. I'm wondering what's going on, and where things are going.

    Then, I'm a Virgo and he's a Cancer, so maybe it's his 'mood cycles' I'm overreacting too.

    I'm still somewhat of a beginner at reading cards, so I think a second opinion on the situation would help.

  • Hi Laura,

    Hope you are well. Can I get a general reading about me? Career, love, etc?

    DOB 3-22-75

    All the best,


  • Morning Laura, you weren't able to do a reading for me last time so am hoping you'll be able to fit me in this time. Can you foresee my son getting a good job in the near future. I'm very worried about him and thanks.

    Have a lovely day

    YB x

  • Laie4 and everyone after that I said I would take requests for 6 readings on this topic in the description. This is so I can keep track of the readings easier, and so I dont get overwhelmed. If you still wanted a reading when I post a new topic I would be happy to give you one.

  • hello RubyRedLips

    How are you?

    I can use Tarot of the Cat People (Karen Kuykendall), sure :-), and no ofcourse I dont mind giving you another reading even though I have read for you before.

    Q: Are you (Leo) likely to get married to this man (Taurus)?

    5 Card General Reading:

    Card 1: 3 of Cups

    Luxury, contentment, being satisfied. Time of rest, after celebration. Having almost everything you want.

    Card 2: 9 of Pentacles

    Climbing the way to success. Lots of friends, celebration. Being very busy, activity.

    Card 3: Ace of Cups

    Love, emotions a new beginning. Harmony. Deep peace.

    Card 4: 6 of Cups

    Feelings of warmth, nurturing, protection.

    Card 5: 3 of Swords

    Conflict. A refusal to listen to the other persons point of view.

    Basically I think things look very promising from this reading, however I was unable to gauge any time frame, and there is a heartbreak card at the end of the spread. This could mean you have just gotten out of a difficult relationship or he has, and that it could be a while before you get married. Also if Im honest the cards werent really speaking to me for some reason.

    all the best Ruby Red Lips


  • hi DDTT

    sure you can have a reading from me.

    I will do a 3 card reading for each question using Golden Tarot (Kat Black).

    How will/ did the meeting between you and Eric go on Thursday (Im unsure of time differences)

    Card 1: King of Wands

    He is very serious. Passion and enthusiasm, They know what they want. Fireworks.

    Card 2: Queen of Coins

    Smart business woman. This could be you. Mature and practical. Down to earth. Loyalty and freedom. There are two sides to your nature, one is light, the one you show people and the other is very dark, no one sees this side.

    Card 3: Ace of Swords

    A new way of thinking, new ideas and beliefs.

    Story of the Cards:

    The first card and the second card represent the both of you, and the last card: the Ace of Swords means this is the start of a new way of thinking. You will be on each others mind a lot.

    I didnt feel that the cards gave me much information on how the meeting went/was so I pulled another card for you which was 13, Death. You may need to let something/ someone go before you can move forward. There is an issue/ problem which needs to be released. Put that destructive force to rest.

    Do the both of you have a future together?

    Card 1: Three of Coins

    The building of a home. The holy trinity, mind, body and soul. Practical steps, maybe the setting up of a business. Construction. Working together towards a goal. Wanting the same things.

    Card 2: Three of Wands

    Travel or a move overseas. A journey across water will be significant. You may have to hold on to what you truly want/ need because you may have to make a choice.

    Card 3: Ten of Swords

    Traditionally ruin, but here I think it may mean that what you thought you wanted isnt what you wanted at all. A realisation, or a fall. Dramatic change.

    Story of the Cards:

    It looks like you have a future together, but for how long? There are hard choices to be made. A difficult realisation, betrayal even.

    I just want to let you know DDTT that I am very new to Tarot and am certainly no expert, also I read what I see in the cards and what my intuition picks up on. Nothing is set in stone, and although the cards may say something it is just my interpretation at the end of the day.

    Will it be a bf gf thing.

    Card 1: Two of Coins

    Infinity symbol. A connection forever. A sense of play and fun. Romance also.

    Card 2: Two of Cups

    Harmony, being joined together, living together. Sometimes marriage.

    Card 3: Six of Wands

    Moving forward through fear and adversity, charging onwards. Rushing things.

    Story of the Cards:

    The cards suggest that you will be connected very closely, but the last card seems to be full of conflict and confusion. This happened with the last spread, the last card seemed to be a warning card. Go forth and have your fun, but maybe be careful.

    your welcome for the help DDTT

    all the best

  • hello jenxxx

    sure you can have a reading. From your date of birth is says you are a scorpio or libran (depending on how you read that date, which one was the month and which was the day)?

    This is The Simple Celtic Cross Spread

    (in the shape of a + with a card in the middle)

    Card 1: You Now (in the middle of the spread)

    8, Strength

    You need to keep strength alive in you right now. Perhaps you are being treated poorly or treating yourself poorly. You are better than you think. Hold on, help is coming.

    Card 2: Air/East, The Mind (the top of the spread)

    Eight of Wands

    A ladder. Follow the ladder to get where you need to go. There is a way out. You are feeling trapped inside your head, this may be by your own doing. Freedom is possible. Send a message.

    Card 3: Fire/South, Passion (to the right of the spread)

    Page of Swords

    You have met a young air sign you are passionate about, they are always on your mind. Again freedom (symbolised by a butterfly), freedom and hope. Assert your own authority. That or because you are a Libran? this card could represent you and mean your passions are young but developing, your true passion might tie in with intellectual pursuits and be in the early stages, study.

    Card 4: Water/West, Emotions (card at the bottom of the spread)

    Seven of Coins

    Loyalty. Purity. Loyalty and purity as symbolised by the white dog. Soul searching, you have put aside material wants for the pursuit of something greater. Growth. You are maturing and your personality is developing. Stay true to yourself.

    Card 5: Earth/North, The Body (to the left of the spread)

    Five of Wands

    A struggle, but minor. The dawn of a new day. There may be a passing illness, probably not serious. This is probably a time of feeling physically exhausted and overwhelmed. Things will get better, a new day always rises.

    Story of the Cards:

    Your feeling trapped and run down, things are changing quickly. Your wants and needs have changed. You are growing up. Confusion. The strength you need to get you through is there.

    all the best jenxxx


  • It does get overwhelming--Thank you for your reply, LauraSA87.

    Blessings, ~ Laie

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