Reading on a decision for home purchasing...

  • Hi guys,

    I am thinking of pruchasing a place and would like to just get a guidance on if this is the right time for me and I just want to see if everything will go smoothly?

    thank you

  • Hi Cellsis,

    I would like to try a reading for you.

    You are the Queen of Swords in this …

    Judgment (phase change)

    King Cups (releasing emotions)

    10 of Pentacles (hesitating materially)

    2 of Cups (saying yes to a new feeling)

    7 of Swords (imagining something in your thoughts or philosophy)

    Hanged Man (waiting for the right time)

    So, what I get is you see this home purchase as something symbolic, a phase change for your life and you like the idea of buying a place to celebrate this passage.

    The King of Cups says that there are some emotional energies that want to be released, it almost sounds like something connected with the last place? that you want to release and a new place to live would help in that process. Or you could simply be wanting to release your feelings into this new place, like, really make it YOU. I think that is it.

    10 of Pentacles is a card of hesitating in something materially. it shows a lot being held back, seeking a direction. So this must represent your material ability to buy the home, and all of that financial stuff? It isn't the nine of cups, which is abundance without the restraining energy. The 10 simply says there is plenty here to achieve the goal, however something is causing some hesitation.

    The 2 of cups shows your emotions though are totally behind this decision. You are affirming with all of your heart to do this. So deep down your heart is really into this choice.

    7 of swords is a lot of imagining the lifestyle and your life in this place. So you are experiencing some imagining associated with the new place, perhaps already envisioning some remodeling, flowers, who knows!

    And the Hanged Man is simply a card of timing and waiting for just the right moment. So this must be the present energy.

    So, to sum up, IMHO it looks to me like your heart is really in this decision! You are already expending some imagination time (7 swords) to see yourself in this new place. It seems to affirm something important for you, a phase change for your life perhaps. You seem to have the material ability to purchase easily. You are only now waiting for the right moment!

    And I am sure everything will go nicely for you in the transition too! 🙂

    blessings to you cellisi, I hope that helps


  • hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you for the reading. It really help out a lot. Buying a home is such a big commitment and it will be my first home buying too :). So I am a little bit hestitant. Like in the reading, this puchase will mean a lot to me. It will be something I do for myself and my energy is focusing on myself only which I kind of need at this moment.

    Once again thank you for your reading. I will definitely let you know if I get a place or not.

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