Captain need your input

  • I was at a friends house who I also help and is an artist as I am also. He met a lady awhile back who is also an artist and I met her today. It was pretty neat meeting her and felt very comfortable talking w/her. She is into chakras and she balanced my chakras. I don't know anything about chakras but it seemed to calm me down quite a bit. She also said she released my bad energy in my throat. She was quite a talker. Anyway, I felt that she wanted to be near me or perhaps feel me is a better descrfiption. I didn't really feel uncomfortable around her but when I was on the phone, she walked up and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn't stay long because of my other job. I don't know if you need more info than this. I just don't know if I'm gonna feel comfortable around her if she's there again. LOL What do you get, if anything...

  • What is your problem exactly - you don't have to be around her all the time, do you? Anyway this is not about her but your inability to relax and accept it when people show you affection.

  • No, she's not someone that I'm around alot. Enjoyed her company, just different than what I'm used to.

  • Perhaps more affectionate and warm than you are used to? But she would be good for you - I feel like you keep yourself apart too much.

  • Yes, different but not bad. I think you picked-up on me keeping myself apart. I do. Trying to keep a positive attitude at work. Alot of people walking around with frowns, bad attitudes and negative talk. Tired of negative talk in breakroom. The woman I was referring to told me that I needed to close my chakra on top of my head. That I'm letting out too much energy, causing me to feel drained. I've gotten kinda paranoid of people to certain degree. I found her to be uplifting, just different than what I'm used to.

    I think your good at picking up things. I was thinking that you must have read a lot in your life. Am I correct.

  • Yes.

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