Would love help with celtic cross rreading regarding relationship

  • I did a celtic cross reading for myself regarding a relationship and would love some help interpreting the cards. I had a few court cards come up and have trouble with their meaning.

    The question is regarding my relationship with someone I love very much and am considering marriage. We have broken up several times though because of my difficulties with his deeply religious large family who live close by and in my opinion are overly involved in his life....and mine too by association. I value privacy and am very uncomfortable with such constant scrutiny. I also have serious reservations about the rural and isolated town where we would have to live for at least the next ten years (because of his work) if we were married. Anyway, my question was : where is our relationship heading? Perhaps I need to refocus my question? Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

    Obviously, I like seeing the sun as the outcome card but am confused about all the court cards!

    The cards I pulled in the celtic cross were:

    1. king of swords

    2. (crossing) page of pentacles

    3. seven of pentacles

    4. king of cups reversed

    5. knight of swords

    6. ace of wands reversed

    7. king of cups

    8. tower

    9. justice

    10. sun

    5 10

    4 -1/2.- 6 9

    3 8


  • Oops. My diagram of the celtic cross was botched......I'll try again.










  • ug! I clearly, need to proof read better. The card in number 4 position is KNIGHT of Cups reversed...not king of cups.

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