Lovers outcome help anyone :(

  • I did a reading on my boyfriend and another girl that he may or may not be interested in. Just wanted some advice from the cards

    How he Sees her Physically: Knight of wands -

    He sees her as physcially attractive possibly something he desires for that split second but doesn't really see her as the big picture.

    He just wantS what he wants in that moment and doesnt want to spend any time on the hearts, flowers and candlelight. But that doesn't mean he's going to do it. And it doesn't mean that he can't be romantic, that this is how he is always and forever.

    How he sees her Emotionally: Page of pentacles -

    The feelings are solid, he knows exactly how he feels about me but rarely does he "Express" it. Pentacles are slow, take their time. He is in no rush to make major moves, he is perfectly happy to take his time doing all he wants without skipping steps in the relationship

    What he will do next: Lovers

    love and choices. Clearly, the card represents a deep connection between two people based on mutual love, respect and trust. The card can also reflect choices in one's life.

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