Any readers, on dreams

  • Hi Anyone,

    I had a dream the other day. My apologies that I cannot really recall the details. But i was just sitting quietly when I had a feeling of deja vu - like I've had this dream before. There is something about it that is very familiar.

    Does that mean anything in itself?


    Yes, When you have reaccuring dreams or ones that are similiar than write them down and learn what it is that they are telling you to do or not to do.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks for replying. I will do that in future. There's not a lot to go on as I don't remember the details of the dream. Actually I had forgotten I'd had any dream at all - until it just popped into my mind when I was sitting on the bus.

    The only thing I remember is that it seemed I was working on a film set. Night setting or in the studio, dark. Lots of people but not any I remember or recognize. It feels like I've had this or a similar dream before - and I think I also woke up at the same point. Because it is those last few images that seem familiar.

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