Gem Vs. Virgo

  • Hello there 🙂 I am new to the forums but not new to Tarot or the use of astrology. However I am so confused about a few things and perhaps I can have the insight from other women who have had a similar situation or the men of these two signs.

    I am divorced, no children and have been seeing this male Gemini. Everything is going well and he's very nice but will display typical Gem behavior. Like vanishing like the wind and then call me or text and say how much he misses me. After I drive about an hour and a half to see him because he always too broke to come and see me (has enough $$ to buy weed). After a few hours of his falling all over himself to impress me he will ask me to leave so he can work on some things. (He’s also a struggling comedian and delivers pizza. ) He’s going to be 31 and I feel horrible at the state of immaturity he often shows. Over the weekend he mentioned he wasn’t seeing anyone else and that I shouldn’t be either etc.. though he didn’t want to be another one of my ex-husbands (divorced because he cheated and beat me. Not my fault.) He keeps wanting to me to 'move closer' but I am not giving up my job and stuff to move an hour down the road especially if he's not serious.

    Onto the Virgo man now: He’s actually everything I’m looking for in a guy. Works, responsible, never says a bad word to me. I am somewhat familiar with Virgo’s and know how they can be as far as cold emotionless and picky. This one claims me to be perfect for him. (I work in a medical laboratory and as an artist for Universal Studio’s on occasion for fun.) The only issue is, he has an ex girlfriend that is very young only 20 that has caught my scent and is trying to beg for his attention after she left him.

    He says he’s trying to shake her without hurting her and that I’m everything he’s looking for etc…

    I have not been intimate with either besides some kissing and such. I was very clear to this Virgo I’m not that easy and wouldn’t jump into the sack with him at jump. My Virgo guy is aware I have been on dates with the Gem and he was ok with it, but said he would like me for himself.

    This is coming from a Scorpio 😉

    Any advice would be lovely.

  • Well the virgo will definitely respect you for not giving it up to him so easily. I know it will only draw him more closer to you. If you two get serious, i can tell you that he will give you everything you want as far as a good life, marriage , a family , a good home, etc. if you are the girl for him, except for all the emotional stuff bcuz they hold everything in which can be quite irritating. Virgo men are very respectable to their women if you respect them as well. I can't really speak about the gemini. Funny, cuz I am a virgo that use to be with a virgo man, But now I am having trouble with a scorpio male.

  • I say the virgo has his things together and has so much to offer you, and the gemini obviously needs to grow up. Just have your fun with the gemini, but don't pay for don't take gemini too serious because from what i see, he isn't even serious or knows what he wants himself.

  • My ex is a Scorpio man, very sensual beings they are...I hope all goes well and if you need anything as far as Scorpio female insight on the male side of things I would be happy to help.

    Thanks for the crash course on my Virgo, I am really really leaning towards him and I like him more then I should at this point. I’m trying to keep this reserved enough to be sure I make the right choice. If my intuition isn’t rusty, I think it’s going to be Virgo all the way. Now I have to decide how to let the Gem down pretty easy or if I’m even making the right choice.

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