Reading on job search ! anyone pls pls pls

  • Hello and thaank you for reading my post,

    Im looking for work as a LVN / PN new grad. Im a single mother of a teenager and Im having a very hard time finding work. Im desperatea at this point that im willing to relocate and/or take any job that is offerd to me.

    Can I please get a reading. I really need to feel a sence of hope or something. maybe know why im having a hard time. My mom says is bad vibes from other (?)

    I thank you for your time


  • I am not a reader but I was a branch manager of a staffing agency for nurses. Since you are an LPN, have you applied to any long term care facilities in your area? (nursing homes). Also, I used to find that I could easily put lpn's in med tech positions. So you might want to apply for those as well.

  • Hello,

    I've been open to any type of facility but focus a little more on long term care and rehab since they hire more LVN then RN.

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