Captain, could i please have a reading?

  • I see many users getting their readings from you, and i was wondering if you would be generous enough to do the same for me.

    I've been with this boy a few months- to me things feel great, but then they get shaky. I adore him but I feel our downfall will be the small things we can't budge on. He's a Taurus, I'm a Leo, and as an astrology geek I can definitely feel the difference. I never knew much about Taurus, the good and bad I should look out for. (everyone says they're flirty and unloyal, but he seems extremely sincere and loyal)

    Let me know what you see here?

    My birthday: 08/13/1988

    His birthday: 05/02/1986

  • Well, being a Taurean myself, I would have to disagree with the flirty, unloyal part. I think actually we are the reverse of that. We just have to be very sure of someone before we give them our trust and hearts.

    A certain romance and sensitivity are at work here in this relationship as well as a magical coalescence of strengths that would benefit your careers. You are both dominant types but there is a subtle difference in your styles. You LLG have to lead but not necessarily to control, whereas to your friend, leadership is less important than ruling the roost. If trouble arises, it is usually when your duties and responsiblities overlap, but dedication and awareness of what works best can minimize your power struggles and ego conflicts, making the relationship truly formidable.

    A love affair or marriage here is a bit of a rockier proposition than friendship or a business partnership, despite a certain inspired romantic glow. Your friend may be attracted to your energy but will ultimately find it too unpredictable, disturbing, or even violent - you on the other hand may bore easily with his soft sensuousness. The biggest single difference in a love relationship here however lies in the issue of harmony, which you LLG mistrust (a boring or uneventful love affair, no matter how pleasurable, is usually intolerable for you), and which your friend needs. Basically you love drama and he craves peace. You may also find him too fixed and unwilling to change. Even when it's obvious that things are not going well, he may simply ignore suggestions of changes, or if they are stated as demands, may stubbornly resist them. Marriage works best here when it also contains a business component - when the two of you as spouses run some kind of commercial enterprise together. The kind of division of labour that is a prerequisite in business will spill over into your domestic scene, causing greater peace at home. You both need to find a balance between predictability and unpredictability for this to work. Minimize needless conflcits and be more romantic.

  • Thanks- i have read before that we're the two most stubborn signs out there, and we're better in business rather than romance, which is disheartening. I know he's an aquarius moon, and cancer venus, not only does the 'not budging' thing frustrate me, but he's insanely sensitive at the same time. As a Leo, when I'm dating or encountering an earth sign, i can usually tell they're earth because I get this feeling i'm 'burning them out' like.. I talk too much or am too abrasive, a problem I only have with earth signs- however I don't have this at all with him.

    I suppose given the nature of taurus, and that fire and earth generally don't "go" together, I'm wondering how to handle his heart. But unwilling to change can be good and bad, because hopefully it means there won't be any surprises down the road, what you see is what you get kind of thing.

  • What you get FOREVER...including bad habits and behaviours. Someone who is unwilling to change never grows or evolves or moves on to bigger and better things, they cheat themselves.

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