Advice on Libra Man with Scorpio Rising

  • For a long time, I have been good friends with a Libra man with Scorpio Rising. I am a Taurus with Pisces Rising. We talk a whole lot, and usually have very long conversations and joke a lot together, however, he is very moody at times and it can drive me just crazy.

    Recently, about a week ago, he confessed that he liked me, in the way that I liked him, as a result of me being excited and maybe a little too giddy over the whole thing, I started to contact him more. I am nervous he is going to change his mind about me, and I think it's showing in my personality lately.

    Last night, we were talking, and he had ended up snapping at me, and it was very out of character for him, now I feel really badly, like I've done something wrong, and he scoffed at me when I attempted to apologize.

    I like him a whole lot, and I would hate for us to fall apart before anything even begins. What should I do to make this better?

  • I am Libra sun, Scorpio rising man and I can tell you very briefly how it is. Our kind like things how they are. Tell us how you actually feel, act with your emotions and passions and be warned no games. Why? Cause our kind can quickly see through all those games and we will know your next move and when a girl starts playing her games we make sure she is not going to win 😉

    The best time to engage with us when you have that burning fire and desire and you can show us. We don't mind a little hide and seek but if you wanna make it wait then you have to wait 10 times more than you let us wait cause we never have an issue of getting the attention of other potential mates.

    So here it is in a nutshell:

    Be Honest

    Never try to make us feel as if we are your "option" cause you will also be put into the "Optional" box

    Don't fear taking the first step (If it is you who is attracted at first, if it is our kind that is attracted to you we like to make our first move as well)

    Don't follow the stereotypes, don't adhere to the taboos (As we have no taboos)

    Be expressive, talk to us to a deeper level, open your heart and we are wiling to open our world

    Be Firy, we like to know if you can be spontaneous, adventurous and can ditch every other plan for something really exciting

    We are cautious about who to have sex with, so we need to know if our skin to skin contact is gonna be as passionate and exciting as we will make it for a girl. We don't like to sleep with a dead fish

    Speak the truth no matter what, we appreciate that more than the lies (We are master lie detectors)

    Show your feelings, we can see that too but we wanna know it face to face (There is a reason we have tongues). We would like to give you time and try to make sure you are comfortable

    Try not to manipulate things around, we will see it and we will lash out and many times we will completely block you and put you outside our frontier

    Once you know us better, we will show you our Libra side and qualities 😉

    Once we see you as a loyal person, we will invest our time and energy and show you our loyalty

    We don't take women that just wanna "test" if we like them or not. Either you are in or out even if it is a one night stand or short term relationship

    Be different, show your skills, your accomplishments, your ambitions and goals. This is as attractive to us as your bodies

    Show some strength, we like strong people as our kind has also grown strong from the lessons we've learned from our past (A strong woman can get our attention more than a gorgeous eye candy)

    Be honest, be honest, be honest!

    I think that can give you some picture of this messed up kind! 😉

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