• Libra has been very detached lately and he says he's confused. i'm pretty sure it has to do with his family problems but i can't help thinking it may still have something to do with me miss truting him when a close friend told me he was cheating on me... I'm not as outgoing as a scorpio should be and i resent it and am going through a very rough spot in my life trying to change that and need help getting through this... please help me!! I don't wann lose this one!!!

  • Wow, this Libra sounds like a scorpio male!!!!Have you asked him if he was cheating?what did he say? Since you are a scorpio, it may be different that you are a female, But my question for you is, this scorpio man I was seeing pretty much was soo into me alot and got cold and broke things off due to personal issues, and now at work he is trying to talk to me a little more. He actually came to me and stopped to have a little conversation when he had been pretty much avoiding me lately. So do you think it is cuz he just wants to be friends? Are scorpios like that, do they like to remain friends or does he still want something more from me??

  • it seems as though he started this when I started being happy again and confident(we work together) so thats why i still see him.

  • i'm not too sure... a scorpio hates losing those close to them and i know it kills me... i would look into it and gather further info cause it could swing either way...if he was very into you only physically then he may just want to be friends cause that can burn out for a scorp, but if he really had feelings for you then he wants to be around you more. If you think he really cared about you than he deffinately wants to spend more time with you. Iknow that for a fact, but the depth of the relationship that he wants? I can't tell with only that much. if he starts having lengthy conversation, say if you went to dinner (not a bad idea), then he's probably wants more than a friendship but its still hard to say because there is deffinately ALOT goning on in a scorpios heart. I can tell you that much. if you gather more on this tell me and i'll be glad to help in any way i can.

    And when i was told libra (his names Taylor) was cheating my entire world fell down around me. i made up a note of sorts because men have never commited to me and i had a friend give it to him... i hated myself after that. He was heartbroken! he cried (not unusual for him, he's very emotional)and told me that he cheated on someone and vowed to never do so again. i trust him to my grave and believe him religiously... that was a month and a hlf ago and we havent kissed since... he's very distant physically and never holds me. Before we were like the golden couple and now he only talks to me... dont get me wrong! even though imma scorpio it dont mean that thats all i want. alot of them are like that and i hate the steriotype. Ilove talking to him, but ive never been more attracted to a man in my life and it kinda drives me up the wall sometimes. We've both been way busy with things outside the relationship lately however. he has major family issues and ive been letting my grades slip because i kida lost my edge when we started dating... i just feel like he's shutting me out. He;'s told me he'll always love me and i've told him the same. he's also told me that he's been kinda off because hes got alot going on and it has nothing to do with anything i could have done wrong. i really love him alot and i find it hard to open up to him completely because i've been hurt so severly in the past ... hes had the same history and i just feel like an epic bad guy lately... i've looked for advice everywhere and i can't turn to anyone close to me... so i turned to the

  • im not too sure about scorpio guys but they might just want a physical relationship like the steriotype... i rebel against that as much as i can and i still feel the unatural drag to be as close to him as possible... he may want a relationship or a friendship... have dinner with him and tell me the details and i should be able to pin point it exactly...

  • Lol. Thats exactley my situation, thats why I turned to the internet as well. It's my new It seems as though he got hurt when you confronted him about the supposedly cheating. Maybe he really didn't cheat cuz of the reaction to it he gave out. It seems to that his issues are just in the way of everything and this on top of it all. I think he's hurt cuz he feels that you got very hurt when hearing about the cheating, but let me tell you, you cannot believe everything you hear and if u feel that he was being honest, then you should believe him until u hear something like this again. I think u should try to hold him and see his reaction to it. if he pushes away, then just back off abit, if not, then do a little more at a time. Idk, I think I just should give up on this guy already and quit letting this whole thing take over me. I can't even focus on school right now either. Am definitely getting bad grades and not putting my all into it. It's hard to focus wen he is all I can think about. I know he is extremely attracted to me and he claimed he could fall in love with me. We were even talking serious about each other, but everything was just moving super fast. I didnt give him sex though. so i dont know

  • I'm so scared to even ask him for dinner or coffee, i feel that it will only make him mad becuz he had broke things off. I guess i feel that since he broke things off he should be the one to come back. thats just how i am.

  • You maybe scared to ask him for coffee or dinner and you wont know til you ask. And yes usually the person who breaks it off should be the one who comes back but really ask yourself do you want to come back? If so then please do so, if not then dont.

  • As for the dinner/coffe thing, if you want to go out for dinner/coffee with him then ask him. No need to fear

  • Thanks for the talk and advice. It means alot, especially at a time like this. I think Im driving myself more crazy than I need to. Well we will see. And i will let you know.

  • And definitely let me know what happens in your situation as well.

  • Well my scorpio texted me today saying he missed me and some other stuff. i didn't expect that!! So what is going on with you crazycap and scorpioforever63? I would like to know how ur situations are?

  • So how did it go? vicuevas

  • he texted me saying hi, wat was i doing, and that hes thinking about me. I tried to keep it as cool as possible. it went pretty good. he said he he missed me and i told him the same. but i made sure i didnt put no pressure on him. It felt so good to hear from him tho. i was thinkin about him all day and felt that he was thinkn of me too. Crazy huh? wen i was driving home, i said please give me some sort of sign to help me move on, and than this an hr later. But before the text, i actually was calling a palm reader to get some info cuz i was thinkin of going to get a reading. well I guess i just saved $

  • wow im really glad you've made some head way casue i have too!! I've had sooo much support from my Aquarius Friend and her leo Fiance and i was talking to them both last night adn finally got Libra to return my texts. I finally brought it to light! i told him that we need to talk but not to freak cause it wasnt bad and he said ok bout what. i said about where we r and what we need to do to fix it... he told me he's just hit a really bad fit of depression and he hasnt felt happy for two weeks to be honest. i was very suppotive and shared addvice because i have fits too and he said he can't remember what makes him happy...that knida stung cause before the depression he told me i made him so happy... i brushed it off for his sake and told him that i will always be there for him when he needs me and he seemed to be more secure. Leo is like a brither to him and Leo said he seemed insecure lately so im out to change that!! i'm not gonna let this relationship fall to cinders because i'm afraid to get my heart broken again! im gonna try my damndest this time!

    Vicuevas, he definately wants to pick up the relationship so give him a foothold!!!! i might wait it out CAUSE THE WAY IT'S GOING I SAY HELL MOST LIKELY ASK YOU TO DINNER/COFFEE! just give him a reason to think he has a chance... or else he'll back off. keep a distance in your heart though cause every scorpio is different and i could be horribly wrong and i dont wanna get you hurt! but through my experience he deffinately likes you alot or else he wouldnt bother... keep me posted.

    sorry that i hasdnt been one... couldnt get to the internet lately! lol

  • Scorpioforever63,

    I am so glad to hear you heard from your guy. And hope all goes well for you guys. Yea, i most definitely will keep a distance in my heart. Honestly, if we were to hang out again, i definitely will have my guard up. but nothing exciting yet has happened, only that he talks to me more at work, but we will see. tty soon:-)

  • thank you and the same to you... i never get to see relationships turn out well cause all the male figurs in my life cant keep it in ther pants... its really scared my view of men...

  • well well well thats what guys are like, they will never change

  • they only use you for their benefit and when you dont fit for them they toss ya out. Happened to me when my flatmate realised that I realised (i caught him out) that the girl nadine and him were having it off and perhaps wifey from used to be next door and yeh no more accusing him of sleeping around and lying to me about coz thats exactly what he was doing. He pretended to like me and when I never put out for him, hed go and root someone and now hes blaming me for him being with another when I never wnted to be with him in the first place. I told I always wanted to e friends and did he listen no. He never listened, he lies and thats pretty much it. Most ppl are like this so yeh I saw thru him and now hes blaming me for it. typical.

  • Crazycap and scorpioforever63,

    Its been awhile but this guy is a jerk!!!!!!!!!! We started hanging out again and then all of a sudden he says his family is upset with him for hanging out with me cuz he is back with his kids mom. im guessing when he broke it off with me the last time, it was bcuz they got back together. so this whole time he is back with his ex. What a jerk, I feel so used, but I am so happy at the same time cuz i can completely move on. The whole time i knew I was too good for him anyways and that my family would probably be wondering why the hell i was with him if it ever came down to that. he has nothing to offer and nothing going for himself, and i am way ahead of that, I have goals and dreams that I am working towards. But thats my latest news on this typical scorpio, he is nothing but a lier and manipulater. "Screw me once, shame on u, screw me twice, shame on me" thats how i feel. And i work with this jerk, so it really sucks that i have to see him everyday.

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