Reading needed urgently - please help :-(

  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and too be honest never considered tarot before but I have heard good things about it and hope it will help give me some hope. Because right now I don’t feel like I have any.

    My boyfriend of nearly 2 ½ years split up with me a month ago. The word devastated doesn’t even sum up how I am feeling. I have never ever met a man as amazing as my ex, he was funny, kind, compassionate, loving basically everything that you would want in a partner the only problem was his age – he was 9 year younger than me. I look much younger then my age, I look in my mid-late twenties and he looks older so look were never an issue for us. We loved each other dearly and wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, however the pressures of marriage and me wanting kids just become too much for him and he had to leave. I know the problem seems glaring obvious, and I would accept the situation if we hadn’t of got on so well. But we had the most beautiful and amazing relationship that I just feel it’s a mistake and that we could have worked out our problems. My ex left very quickly, quite literally packed up and moved out. I am still in shock by how quickly it happened. He didn’t really want to talk about it and seemed very upset by everything, I was just numb at first I guess. Apart from a goodbye text we haven’t said anything to one another since. And I don’t intend to either.

    I do accept it is over, however I would like to know if anyone can see if he will ever change his mind further down the line? Will he come back to me? Will I meet someone else? Are you able to tell me these things from a reading?

    Please help as I am so sad, it is affecting everything I do at the moment, sleeping, eating, work etc. I just need to have some hope.

    Thank you to anyone who can help me.

  • littlemouse

    I feel that you are no little mouse when it comes to what you want and when you want it.

    The meation of having children can and will do some of the best relationships in, as both parties have to want to begin a family which does change the relationship on certain levels.

    You ex will not come back because he knows himself well enough that children do not play a part in his life until I feel he is in his late 30's.

    You found a partner that was a wonderful experience to have, now you need to find a man that will be mature enough to fullfill your desire to start a family.

    I feel a man around the age of 35 with light hair and eyes coming in around you soon. He will be a man of knowledge as I see books around him. The letter J will be in his first name. He does like the outdoors , and appears to be fun on his own terms.

    Take Care as you will adjust to your loss and soon be happy again with a man that can and will fullfill your needs.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader that comes to this site when time allows .


  • Thank you so much Shuabby. I hate to ask, but are your predictions normally right? Do you see a family and marriage on the cards for me? xx

  • littlemouse2012

    You ask me a fair question and my answer is: I have a fairly high accuracy rate. You have free will and can change your path with deceisions you make.

    I most certainly can see a family and marriage in the cards for you, a son comes in here very strongly , weather he is a step-son or your own , no matter he is here and since he is here that means that you will be married soon 1-3 years from now . I feel you will live in a house that seems cottage like by water. You will have a blk and white spotted dog too. You will be happy in your marriage and it will last as long as it is distine too.


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