Totally lost

  • I don't have any special gifts. Infact I've felt a lost feeling for a long time. I'm stuck. My health stops me a lot from enjoying my life. Ive missed out on activities, outing, my grandfathers funeral, wedding. Things change a lot when u have a back injury. I had a plan, I knew what I wanted to do and I was living it until this injury. Had change jobs to a fantastic job, friends, attended church, I enjoyed my life for a short time. Having this back injury it brought on panic attacks and anxiety.

    I don't know why I'm writing this, throwing a line out, seeking advise, help???? Just feel a sense of loneliness 😞 its been tough. I don't know what I want from this life, how I see it, just full of pain. When will it stop and have some happiness, love, laughter?


  • Weiwin

    I feel that you need to have acupunture and some reiki healing from a grand master. Life is not to be spent in pain when we can reach out for help dearheart.

    I feel you will improve greatly after you have had the help you need. There is a Rachel here that comes in around you either passed or in life you are to meet her and she will be of help to you. I see you going into a office that has a lot of green in colors in it . This will be a great step forward for you . Please let us know when you are on that healing path , finding your way back to the life you knew and even better the second time around.


  • Thank u for the information. I don't know anything reiki. I have googled it to find someone in my area. I have started a new exercise plan. So fah so good. Doesn't take all the pain away tho. My spine is a difficult one. I have a pinched nerve on my left side. Which I get tightness one my right side with muscle spasms. The big issue that I have (ther than the pinched nerve) is that my spine twists to the right. Which causes a lot of pain.

    I don't know of any Rachel that has passed; I haven't meet anyone named Rachel as yet.. Maybe I'll meet her soon.

    I've always wanted to work from home. At my own pace. But I need to learn about accounting, tax stuff which I ain't good with.

    I'll let u know how I am doing. I appreciate ur time and advise given. Thank you Shuabby 🙂

  • Oops ... I don't know anything ABOUT reiki?..

    Oops ... The big issue that I have (OTHER than the pinched nerve) ..

  • Weiwin

    Reiki is a healing moldality that helps the emotional, spiritual body to heal , which in turns brings healing to the physical body. Look for some shares you can go to which should not cost a lot. You can go to school for accounting and make your dream of working from home a come true one. I feel though that you need people contact at this time in your life. Do you attend church? as I feel a lonely feeling with you now.

    Keep your thoughts positive and know that you will and can be well and achive what your heart desire is with enough effort and faith.


  • Welwin,

    I suffer from panic attacks as well. Lately, not eating any food with added sugar apart from that which is in fruit and vegetables has helped me a great deal. Cutting them in half. Also a good legit work from home website is wahm . Com

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