Cheating Aries Men...are they really all the same

  • So a 2 weeks ago I found the guy I have been dating for 3 months on a dating website called Badoo, chatting to other women, handing out his phone number and telling them he was single and looking for the right woman (I was assuming it was me because he kept telling me so).

    So are Aries men players by nature or is it the ones with crappy childhoods use it as an excuse to screw around constantly.

    I emailed the Aries screenshots of what he had written to 2 women, then the text came thick and fast with apologies, I never feel good enough for you blah, blah, blah.

    The easter longweekend just gone he wanted to come over, I was busy washing my hair or something lame like that, he believed it (yep not the sharpest tool in the shed either).

    Now he's a biggish man (in weight) but I never saw that, I just saw him, great blue Irish eyes.

    But now I'm done.

    Just wanted to ask if anyone other ladies out there think Aries men are lying sacks of shyte?

  • Someone else on this forum said this, and i agree- being a cheater doesn't have anything to do with your sign- anyone can cheat, anyone can be loyal. That being said, I've never come in contact with an aries man I've known to be a cheater (a close female aries friend of mine was the cheating/overlapping relationships kind of person.) Aries, especially men, DO have a lot of ego which could contribute to a tendency to cheat, so I think if you go for an aries in the future you need to look out for that kind of pretentious-ness. Also, for as much as they play the independent card, it can be a hellavuh lot of false bravado- so while he says "I never feel good enough for you" he may just mean "I need more attention FROM EVERYONE" so.. it's not about you not giving enough, but about him just never being satisfied. Sorry you struck douche though. I hope you have better luck next time!

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