The Scorpio Stare

  • There's this guy that stares at me all the time and he's a Scorpio. I'm a Libra, at first I thought he was in a daydream or something and would ignore it, but it's constant now.

    He goes out of his way to chat to me, understandably we have to talk as were on the same working team as one another, but I can feel some sort of vibration coming from him that I can't put my finger on.

    It's not a serial killer look lol, it's a real intense I'm trying to figure you out kind of look.

    I'm put it down to 2 things: He needs glasses desperately or he's interested but not sure.

    The only dampner I put on all of this is he's 32 and I'm 38, least were in the same decade bracket if you want to laugh about it lol.

    Ummmm any thoughts peoples and or has anyone else experienced this type of stare and feeling that has come from it, he could be just a curious young pup for all I know.

    Any comments welcomed.

  • He is definitely interested. thats what my scorp did for about a year, than when we finally started hanging out for a few weeks, he got cold, and broke things off for personal issues, and now i am dying inside. I see that they are all like this! So my advice is to run, run, run, because you may be left with a broken heart.

  • I'm a scorpio woman and i think i can see where he may be coming from... he deffinately has a thing for you. I'm not sure what part of his heart he's coming from but there is DEFFINATELY something on his mind anad i think (out of expierience) that he likes you THAT way! yeah, but he's trying to figure you out!! talk to him, share something with him about yourself. GIVE HIM A GOOTHOLD HERE!! scorps can be very cautious and that he even g=has the nerve to come up to you and talk to you means he's commited to figuring you out... ask him out to coffee maybe, but show him that your intrested. if you are though im not pushing here but a scorp and libra relationship can have a happy ending! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT THOUGH!!!!!!

  • sorry i meant to put foothold lmbo!!

  • Well this is interesting, I won a free reading via facebook, long story short it was a pschyic reading for 20mins.

    She described Mr Scorpio down to a tee, from hair eyes and mood and I asked why he stares all the time at me and she said he is extemely interested but getting to know what I'm about.

    She felt he had trust issues and to take it very, very slowly, which is good because thats my Libra pace most days lol.

    Here's the spooky part, his name initials starts with the same initials that I thought was my Pisces whom I thought was the love of my life, she stated that I had the right initials but the wrong person and I had to wait for the person with those initials to come along because that person is my soul mate.....frwwwwweeeeky.

    She also advised me that my Scorpio has dated older women and his ex-girlfriend either started with my name or something that sounded close to it and I know remember that he told me he won't forget my name because it was is old girlfriends name...coincidence????

    So slow pace here we come, the reader advised me to open up to him a little bit more to build the trust, we'll see how that one pans out.

    I'm actually now excited about this. Could turn out to be very interesting.

  • Good luck Libramummy and keep us posted.

    Any chance you can share the name of this psychic? She sounds brilliant 🙂

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