Please Captain - my son....

  • Me again Captain, I do hope you are keeping well and I apologise if it appears that I'm monopolising your time but you are so spot on with the wonderful work you do on here and is much appreciated.

    I am very worried about my son - 01 May 1984. He moved from UK in October 2010 to join me in Dubai and during that period has only been offered two jobs which without going into detail only lasted a few months each time.

    He has been hitting job applications hard and fast but is declining at the same rate and feeling as though life is pretty hopeless. Can you please see anything concrete in the near future for him - my heart is breaking seeing him like this.

    Once again many thanks Captain. Your input is invaluable.

    Have a lovely day

    YB x

  • Your son is going to have to get over stubbornly wanting to do everything his own way if he wants to stay in a job. He wants to have both security and a lot of freedom in his work, but the jobs he gets tend to limit him (as he sees it). He will either have to learn to accept authority or find work where he can be his own boss or move around a lot with a certain amount of autonomy, adventure and challenge. Sometimes he just self-sabotages if he is in a job he feels restricted in. He also must lose his tendency to exaggerate in order to be popular as it might come across as outright lying. He must also be more balanced with money (it's either famine or flood). Selling, writing, teaching or anything to do with communication is his especial forte.

  • Thank you Captain, it has actually been teaching jobs he's been employed in here and is continuing to apply for other teaching positions. I shall speak to him regarding what you've mentioned above and hope that something comes along real soon.

    Have a great day and take care

    YB x

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