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  • Hi, today I did a reading asking how a guy I know feels about me, (he's a libra I'm a virgo). We've been friends for 2 years, I've basically been in love with him for one year and sometimes I think he feels the same way but he's so guarded. Anyway, these are the cards I pulled:

    Nine of Swords

    The Lovers

    Two of Swords

    The Hanged Man

    My exact phrasing was "How does ____ see or feel about me?"

    I'm taking these cards as perhaps meaning he's been dreaming about me (nine of swords as nightmare card) perhaps as us being lovers. I took the two of swords and the hanged man as cards of indecision, like he has a decision to make about us but he's doing nothing about it right now. I would love to hear other peoples opinions about the cards though.

  • hi

    your reading is only 4 cards and you did not use reversals. Perhaps is best if you do a reading with your own cards and then ask for advice.

    and the few cards you draw only mean your love feelings are keeping you up at night and there is a stalemate in your relationship. The hangman indicates you sacrifice yourself too much for this man. Perhaps you should think less about him and more about you.

  • Hey, I don't know If I understand what you said in the beginning, those were the cards I got from doing a spread with my cards. Are you saying I should do a different spread?

  • Do you have a meaning attributed to each position of this spread? That would probably help me if I was doing a reading like that for myself. For instance, 1 - his feelings about me 2- what kind of relationship does he want with me? 3- any obstacles in the way 4- the outcome

    I'm new to this and very much an amateur at tarot card reading but I think that would help clarify things for me if I was doing this reading. Good luck!

  • Good idea, i think I'll do that.

  • Well, how he sees you and how he feels about you are kind of different. I think this looks like how he feels about you or the relationship, and it looks like he's stressing about a decision that has to be made, but it doesn't look like he's going to do anything about it at the moment, out of fear or just because he has no idea what to do. This could also easily represent you, but the 2 of swords to me feels like a very stubborn card, and it doesn't sound like your the one with stubborn issues. Maybe he knows what he has to do but doesn't want to make the sacrifice, whatever that sacrifice is.

  • Hi, I read that you can do reading, do you charge anything?

    I am wondering about my Job and love situations.

    Thank you for your time.

  • I think MariaRia's interpretation here is a very good one. I'd like to add one more thought. You have been friends for two years you say? Since you say you've loved him for a year now I'm assuming that this is a close relatioship. Is it possible he doesn't want to risk losing the friendship by getting involved more deeply with you? If he is guarded perhaps it's just that, as a good friend, he doesn't want to lead you down any false paths with him as well, until he's more certain. Just some food for thought.

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