What to do when a Scorpio male acts distant?

  • Is it normal for Scorpio males to get distant at times? The Scorpio guy I'm involved with can be hot and cold. The majority of the time he is very attentive and always responsive to me, but other times he will just disappear and ignore my texts/calls. The first time he did this I just stopped trying to contact him and a few days later he came back like everything was fine and said he had been really sick and busy (I never asked him for an explanation, he volunteered one). Is this the best way to deal with a scorpio when they are being distant? Just give them their space and they will come back? Or should I be reaching out and letting him how I miss him? I know he has a lot on his plate right now and I want him to know I'm there for him and want to support him, but it's hard if he ignores me. Is he testing me? Any advice helps, especially from other Scorpios. Thanks!

  • I'm a Cancer who has been with a Scorpio man for a while now and they do withdraw occasionally. I've found that it's best to give them space when they do with draw, even though it's difficult and requires a great deal of patience. A lot of times a Scorpio will withdraw when under a great deal of stress or general unhappiness with their lives. Mine's in a transitional state right now and so am I, so we're both dealing with a lot of changes and he's withdrawn from his friends, family, and me to deal with his unhappiness and work on himself. I wouldn't worry about it too much, he'll come around...they always do.

  • Thank you for your insight. He is going through a transitional phase right now, moving and starting school in two weeks and I know he is stressed with lots to do. I just wasn't sure about how to best handle his distance so thank you.

  • Question.....there was a scorpio man I was talking to, he seemed to be responsive but I could never get him to ask me out. I felt that he wasn't into me and told him so and asked him to let me know if I was wrong. Well.....he totally disappeared. I was ok with it and moved on, but all of a sudden I get a text from him 1 month later actually apologizing for his distance and giving me the reason why and that he wanted to tell me he wasn't ignoring me. Do I make anything of that? Does it mean anything? Or do you think he was just apologizing to get it off his chest and move on? Just curious.

  • I have learned that Scorpio men like to pull disappearing acts. This usually happens when they are stressed about something in their lives or they are over-run with emotion and they retreat in fear of showing too much too soon. They are very secretive and mysterious individuals. If you ignore them and go about your life when they disappear on you, they are more than likely to come back. It's a game in a way to see what you will and won't put up with. So if you really like this guy and want to see what could happen with him, you have to let him chase you and be patient when he disappears. However, if he's not meeting your expectations or standards and shows no interest in doing so..then you need to forget him. Regardless of his sign, guys are simple and if they like you, they will put in the effort.

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