Will my ex come back to me? Captain please help!

  • Hi Captain,

    I am new to this forum and too be honest never considered tarot before but I have heard good things about it and hope it will help give me some hope. Because right now I don’t feel like I have any. Please can you see if my ex will return to me?

    My boyfriend of nearly 2 ½ years split up with me a month ago. The word devastated doesn’t even sum up how I am feeling. I have never ever met a man as amazing as my ex, he was funny, kind, compassionate, loving basically everything that you would want in a partner the only problem was his age – he was 9 year younger than me. I look much younger then my age, I look in my mid-late twenties and he looks older so look were never an issue for us. We loved each other dearly and wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, however the pressures of marriage and me wanting kids just become too much for him and he had to leave. I know the problem seems glaring obvious, and I would accept the situation if we hadn’t of got on so well. But we had the most beautiful and amazing relationship that I just feel it’s a mistake and that we could have worked out our problems. My ex left very quickly, quite literally packed up and moved out. I am still in shock by how quickly it happened. He didn’t really want to talk about it and seemed very upset by everything, I was just numb at first I guess. Apart from a goodbye text we haven’t said anything to one another since. And I don’t intend to either.

    I do accept it is over, however I would like to know if anyone can see if he will ever change his mind further down the line? Will he come back to me? Will I meet someone else? Are you able to tell me these things from a reading?

    Please help as I am so sad, it is affecting everything I do at the moment, sleeping, eating, work etc. I just need to have some hope.

  • I'm not sure how long you would be willing to wait. Your ex feels he needs to sow his wild oats while he can and is not ready to settle down and commit, as you are. It will be several years before he catches up to you. I don't advise waiting around for him as you would be wasting your life when you don't need to and besides there is no guarantee he would return to you. There are other men who want what you want. I know your feelings are pretty raw at the moment but if you understand that this is not your last chance at love, things will get easier and you will look forward to meeting a new, more suitable partner. Don't close yourself down in grief - open yourself up to new opportunities.

  • Thank you x

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