Shuabby, one more question please!!

  • Hi Shuabby,

    You gave me a reading this week that I was extremely grateful for...and am wondering if I can one more question...please!!

    My very, very longtime boyfriend, love of my life, and I ended things 14 months ago and I haven't spoken to or seen him since. Throughout our 16 years we have separated several times due to distance and other complications, but our story never seemed to ever be over. Is it over this time....or will he be back? If you see him coming back, do you know about when? His DOB is 1/22/53 and mine is 10/16/56.....I am so grateful for anything you can give me on this. For whatever reason, I don't feel the door is shut completely, and if I am wrong, that is fine, just would like to know for sure...

    Blessings to you,


  • LibraLuli

    You must follow your gut instinct, which is you will never release him from your heart or mind. May I ask a question? He is married ?


  • He is....he had been lying to me about being separated and was living somewhat of a double life....he says because he didn't want to lose me while he tried to figure out a way to get a divorce, but he just never got it done and he was finally exposed. We have quite a long history and have always found our way back to each other, but this time, I have left him completely contact or attempts at all. I don't want him back unless he ends his marriage.



  • .....I should add that his wife did find out about our relationship. She told me she was not going to divorce him because she wants her life as it is and she "doesn't care if he is unhappy"


  • LibraLuli

    Even tough you had a longtime love affair with him , and have now started to release him . It will be diffucult emotionally because you loved the intimate part of it and having the hope that one day you two would be married.

    Fourteen months have gone by and now you have a desire to start this cycle all over again. Why? He will not leave his wife or he would have already, no matter what she has said, as he knows how he has hurt her too.

    My advice is to start looking for a man that is free to love you and give you a deeper long lasting relationship. By end of summer you should be moving forward with your life and have found a man that lights the embers of passion and knows how to introduce you to a brighter more secure type of life if you will let go and allow him to. I hear the names of Tim and Allan around you.

    Kay Say Ra


  • Thank you Shuabby....I have been trying very hard to let go and I know you are right in what you are saying. Bill & I really did love each other on a level that you don't always get to experience in life, but his dishonesty ruined it. The fact that I moved across country for him and am now stuck in California completely alone because of his lies makes it so hard to accept and let go...I just wanted to think he will come back and make it all better!! I understand though, that he is not going to do that and I really appreciate your reading for really helped.

    Bless you,


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