Who Would Like A One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • hi Artic123,

    I would like a reading if you have time.. i have been looking for a job for a few months.. no luck yet. do you see if i can get a job sometime soon? or in the next couple months or so? and big or small company? any insights related would be appreciated. thank you a lot!

  • Hi Artic,

    B and I had a great budding relationship and prob through lack of communication and assumptions and unknown factors, it fell apart. We've been avoiding each other and pretending nothing happened for 6 months. My question is: what can I expect if I initiate a meeting with him, and tell him it's important. I want to either see if things can be rekindled, or at least finally get a chance to tell him how I feel. Either way, no more assumptions.

  • Hi artic, cheers !! If you have time for one more reading,

    I'm curious about when or if I will marry. I am 31 years old, not desperate to get married but geezzz I'm starting to feel a little envy when I see a bride or when a husband is being romantic with his wife....( Sigh ).....

    Enjoy the rest of your evening = )



  • Thank you Sharon! That is good to know!

  • Hi Sharon, I have another question if you dont mind - I was supposed to meet this guy tonight for dinner. its a date. somehow we got into a "fight" over the text messages... Apparently we wont meet tonight. both parties r being quiet. Do you see if he will contact me sometime soon again? or is it the end of our romantic story? thanks!

  • Hi Artic123

    My question involves my career. At this point in my life should I continue my education at the Masters level or just find a position as an RN somewhere? Any insights would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

  • Hello Artic123,

    Is it to my highest good to relocate from my current state of residence following the breaking of my current relationship to begin a new career/life as a Life Coach/Counselor?? Someplace warmer, South of my current location. This career direction would require me to totally retrain in this field, but it's always been my passion!

    Thanks for your insight! Light and Love surround you Artic123!


  • Hi Artic123,

    Can you let me know if I will get a job soon? I been looking for quite a while and waiting the perfect job for me 😃 DOB 22/dec./1982..female

  • Dear Artic

    If you are still doing readings, my question is what can help me improve my health(problem)? Or if thats too vague,anything that comes up for me:)

    Thanks,Love and Light

  • Thank you Artic123, this question has been nagging me for long. Although i seemed to know the answer, there has always been something which remained unexplained, something not completely clear, some things not finished. Now i think i am closer to the truth. Thanks again. Have a wonderful day or peaceful night. 🙂

  • Morning Arctic and hope you enjoyed your evening.

    You seem to be inundated on here now with queries but if you have time and I shall understand if you don't - will my son be secured in a job soon as I'm worried about him, he's becoming quite depressed. Your answer will be much appreciated and thank you in advance.

    Have a lovely day

    YB x

  • THank you for the reading but I don't know about my father paying for the wedding since he passed away many years ago.

  • Hi Artic123, If you are still taking questions for readings, I would appreciate one, but If not, I understand you may be busy. My question is- Is "R" coming around me again because he still wants something romantic with me or is it just strictly for a normal friendship?

    Thank you

  • Hi Artic123

    Dont know if you are still taking questions, but if you are I have one

    Want to know if Im going to talk or see E. again?

    But if not, thank you anyway.

  • Hi Artic 123

    If you could please fit me in, I would love it!

    My life is in shambles.....please advise.

    If you can't thank you very much and hope to speak to you sometime.


  • Artic123 I have been hanging by the thread in the last 8 months ,I have been looking for a full time job, I went for my 16th interview today how does it look for you? I know there is a lot of people out of work , my message to them: do not loose faith in yourself, keep trying,thanks!

  • Jamie3.

    The plain and simple fact is that he enjoys your company but he must be on top, so there could be some comments where you are put down in jest. Also his financial situation has turned out for the better and he is ready to socialize.

    Hope this helps.


  • Aleluvscarly: Then it would be someone like a loving father figure. The card was the King of Cups.


  • Dear Yummybrummy: It does not seem likely that your son will get a job soon and I will tell you why. He is following the the traditional way of getting a job and interviewing. He will have to so call "think out of the box", become a risk taker and network like crazy.

    He has the Hermit card with his lantern to help guide him into these unknown territories. All will be well. He just needs to make some tweaks.

    Hope this helps,


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