Who Would Like A One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • Brightmoonshine: I don't understand the question.


  • Sharon62:

    "Is my marriage over" questions are so hard because the rapid vibrational frequency can change at any time. But at this moment, no, your marriage is not over. I see some sort of agreement about money has taken place and this may have you worried. Keep working. I know you are dealing with the unknown and the road is winding toward you don't know where. You wish that Wheel of Fortune would spin in your direction and perhaps it has. Your friends feel you need a break, even if it is just a weekend.

    This can be a time of spiritual transformation if you let it. Don't let those fears get the best of you. If you saw who walked beside you, you would never be afraid. Your husband concerns are at the uppermost part of your mind. Is he involved with a married woman? I see disappointment and disgust around this.

    I hope this answers your questions. My prayers are with you.


  • Hi Artic123,

    Thanks so much for that - so concise 🙂

    Hmmm how to let someone else (don't know whom actually - cos I'm always alone) into my life when I'm in love with this present guy, and there is 'unfinished business' as it were? I don't date casually and I've almost always felt an instant connection to the ones who are or will be significant to my life. I haven't felt it with anyone quite the same way as this guy. Has his role in my life ended (then why do I get mixed signals) or there is a chance we can make this work later on - when we both have done more growing up and perhaps dated and loved other people?

  • Hll: You will see your bf at a gathering ("Six of Wands"). How the "Wheel of Fortune" turns is up to you for the base card is, ("The World",) you who has the idea ( "Ace of Wands") of what she wants.

    Good luck,


  • thanks for the reading, Shaon. May I ask when its possible for us to meet up?

  • hello I would love a reading please

  • Hello Artic123, thank you so much for sharing your gift with everyone here.

    I was wondering, if you could point me in the right direction towards resolving a conflict with the guy I am interested in? I'm very unsure of how to handle it, and make things right.

    Thank you so much.

  • Dear Kateye2411:

    You have been dreaming and thinking a lot about what to do. Yes, absolutely you should go to school this summer, but the few weeks you have off between school and a job, you should do something. I thought for sure since you were a Cancer that medical would come up for you, but nope Administrative Assistant. You won't stay there. You will go onto higher learning and make more money. Go for it girl.


  • hello it is freezing here in Ontario Canada. Snow storm! I would enjoy a reading

  • Song of Sharon: (I should of thought of that name (lol)) The question is not whether should you go for your masters, but whether you can afford to go for your masters. If you can, choose your masters.

    Good luck on your journey,


    P.S. You have an awful lot of people around you.

  • DDTT: I would have to say before September. Don't throw shoes at me. It could be sooner. Just remember its a good job.


  • hi Shaon, please disregard my previous post. he just texted me on the plane... ehh he wanted to talk. not sure whats that all about.

  • Readings are over for today. Thank you everyone. I had a great time.


  • Dear Sharon,

    Yes he confessed to me about his obsession with a married woman that I've known for years. He says he ended it. Can you give me some more info on the agreement about money? I don't know about this yet.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi Sharon, your funny 😉 I sure hope this job comes fast as I started doing job hunting since last Nov! it has been too long... But I guess i need to have some faith in myself and be a little more patience. Anyway, I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks so much! Hope you have a great evening. 😉

  • Thanks Artic123

    That's funny that you said I have alot of people around me, I don't. I was just thinking today that I need more people around me, I feel so disconnected. I need to make some good friends. Which people are you referring too? Those on the other side or those presently here?

  • Song of Sharon: You had so many court cards the Empress Card the Emperor Card--lots of people. You looked like Miss Popularity. I guess that's coming up. lol.

    Good luck.


  • Artic123 sorry my question is will I get a job soon?I have been looking since August and I am concern about my finances .What do you see? thanks,Mila

  • Thank you, Sharon!

  • Dear Sharon,

    Thank You! You are so wonderful and kind.

    I haven't had a job since Jan and I started substitute teaching and I don't know if I'm in

    the right or not. I just applied at a pharmacy but not sure if that's right either, would you know this answer? School is ending in a month or less for summer.

    Also, I have been in pain with something-gallbladder?

    Oh here I am rambling......thank you again.

    I really do love how you answer all of us.


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