Who Would Like A One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • Thank you Sharon now you made me think of that lol. I don't know if you can answer another question if you can. Can you tell me if you see any future with my bf. Thank you

  • Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Can I have a reading on how my present situation is going evolve?

    Thank you


  • Thank you Sharon for the reading

    I'm afraid you're correct. I do need to bring my ideals down to earth.

    You did mention that I pick lousy men. I'm dating a doctor of and on for 4 years now. By the sound of your reading, he's not the lousy man I will marry, right ??. So I broke up with him. If he can't love me by now then what am I waiting for.....

    I will definitely say my affirmations = )


  • Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for the reading. Can you see how my present situation is going to evolve? Will we be able to move forward from this or will I be alone in the near future? Also, I'm currently not working. Do you see a job in my near future and if so what type of job. Sorry for all of the questions. It's just that you are such a help to me in this uncertain time in my life. Again, thank you for all of your insight.



  • Thank you so much Sharon. We shall see what adjustments we can make to enhance his chances.

    Have a lovely day

    YB x

  • Dear Artic-Sharon

    Thank you so very much for reading for me.

    Can I try doing a tiny tarot reading for you?!

    Love and Light

  • The Transformed: I believe you have already made your decision to go. Your crowning card was the "Lovers" which means the choice is yours to make. I pulled another card which was the "Ace of Swords." This could be the success you have so long been seeking the. The base card was the "World" which means the world is yours if you pursue this.

    I see a current struggle with money. In fact I see a big struggle with money that can be influencing your decision. Don't back down. If this is what you want. Go for it. You have two major arcano cards in favorable positions to help you along the way.

    Good luck.


  • Nelu: As I was shuffling the cards, it came to me that you were in an area where there were not many jobs. I haven't pulled your cards yet. I will do a three-card concise spread for you. Here it goes:

    Your cards show that you are supported by friends and relatives. I see a boyfriend.

    A youngish man in a financial position will be the one to make the decision on your job. I see this happening no later than September 2. This will happen for you because the "Wish Card" came up in your spread.

    Good luck.


  • Hello,

    May I have a reading. D.O.B. March 25,1954

  • Artic123 I lost my job in august and I am worry about money I went for an interview last week will I get a job soon ? Thank you!

  • Wow Artic123! Thank you so much!! I am pretty sure that I want, maybe even, need to go (relocate), but the time is not fully arrived yet. There is still a road to travel before I can freely go, but deep down I feel the urge/desire is strong. I would like to know more, if you would be so kind, regarding the money challenges you saw. It is certain, I (we) was hit, as a result of financial mis-management on the part of the one that I am currently 'adjoined' to; I too am repeaping the consequences. We were just hit with a huge Fed/State tax burden that will have to be paid over time, but it unfortunately will keep me tied to this person for some time to resolve. I was hoping that I would be able to have my 'freedom' sooner, but this is somewhat of a setback 😞 I must trust the Universe for the provision/resources needed to resolve it; it is what it is, but life goes on. I will say too that at the end of my "rainbow" is the re-connection of a love I once had/knew 30yrs ago (a soul -mate:))

    Can you tell me more Artic123 about my financial future please??

    Light and Love surround you,


  • Hi Sharon would you be able to do a reding when you have time ?

    Will I get a job soon my finances are going in the wrong direction thank you

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