Who Would Like A One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • It is a beautiful day at the Jersey shore. Almost 90 degrees. I am in my office/porch with the fan on enjoying the day and would like to spend some time with my friends at Tarot.com. Who has a question that I can answer while sipping my mint ice tea?

  • I would love one - would moving back home be beneficial to me?

    thank you.

    elaine DOB 01/18/83

  • Thanks for the offer Artic123

    my question is: Is love on the horizon for me?

  • Hi Artic123, i'd like to know what the rest of the year will be like for me. What can i expect? 🙂

  • Thank you for joining me Elaine. I was getting kinda lonely. Even as I was shuffling the cards, I know that you know the answer to the question, but I will answer what the cards say:

    Living at home was looked at very unfavorably in the past. Right now you are able see your friends and meet as much as you want. You picked the Pope card in the "present" position which tells me that if you go back home you will be going back to the same old thing. There is a father figure that that presents himself as someone that cares very much how you make a living.

    But your foundation card is the Three of Wands. This gives you the opportunity to hone your craft, go to school, etc., next card Six of Wands, networking with the people you need, final card King of Wands, the guy who will help you get the job you want. (All this if you decide to go back home.)

    Still your decision . . .

    Hope this helps,


  • Can you do a reading for me I would like to know what the future holds for me


    Thank you

  • Hi article,

    I am on the north east coast sweating as well... I would like this question answered, Did Michael L ever love me?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I did say hi "artic". The iPad spell check is aggressive! Lol

  • Tissy, Tissy, Tissy,

    Once and while I get a spread I just have to pull more cards and yours is one of them. But for now, I'm going to read the cards I have in front of me.

    What a wonderful person you are. I see this year you have had your share of burdens, but still have tried to stay upbeat. I see you are a very emotional person and that people can take advantage of this. You do have an ideal guy in your mind of what you want, but are not that fussy that you would pass up a good man. I also see you have traveled a good deal to clubs and dances to look for someone. Good for you. You never know where a good man is lurking.

    The only trouble I see is with "The Magician". You have a habit of changing yourself for a guy.--BE YOURSELF. You are perfection!!!

    Okay, I just pulled some cards to see if I could get an answer for you. You need to work on yourself as far as relationships are concerned. This will take you into at least July, the doors will open to you depending on the work you have done.

    I hope this answer your question, and it was an honor to read your cards.


  • I am afraid that is too big of a question to answer with a 5 card spread. Sorry.


  • i understand. If you don't mind i'll have another question: Why did A. distance himself from me?

  • Hi Sharon,

    thank you so much for your beautiful words, yes this year has been one of a struggle and upset for me but I am battling through it like the soldier I am. Your words ring so true for me. Thank you once again Tissy 🙂

  • Dear doeyeyedpisces: (Could you make that name any harder lol?)

    I have been reading cards since I was 18 years old and I am 63 now. I started reading regular cards first. The "Yes" card in the regular playing deck is the Three of Hearts, "No" is the Three of Spades. In the Tarot "Yes", Three of Cups; "No", Three of Swords. So, see you can do this for yourself, but it is always better to have someone who is not biased to pick the card. Here it goes. . . YES, YES, YES, He did.


  • Thank you Sharon for the reading, yes you are right, i do know the answer. 🙂

  • Hi Artic123 I don't know if you were lso talking to me but if you don't mind can you tell me how you see my love life.

    Thank you

  • Hi Artic

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me i recieved a message this weekend ... and wasnt expecting it can you tell me why he decided to message me.


  • Dear Moonlisa:

    This may be hard to hear but A distanced himself from you because it was his "wish" to do so. There was no other woman involved. He retreated into himself. Do not assign attributes to A. that he really doesn't have. He is very emotionally controlled. A. knows how to make money and attract it to him. The Law of Attraction has nothing on him.

    The base card was "The Falling Tower" which I believe was an unexpected event that happened in his life that he is paying for.

    Be who you are. Stand up for yourself, be that "Empress with the wonderful people skills. You can talk money with the best of them. It may seem like you have been down this road before, but believe it or not you probably will get a gift from him. Don't be surprised if it is jewelry.

    I hope this answers your questions. Good luck.


  • Aleluscarly:

    Is there something you want to tell me? You picked an engagement card and a wedding card. Plus, I see you sending out wedding invitations. Father of the Bride is pleased and willing to pay.

    Do tell. . .


  • I am going to make dinner. Will come back tomorrow. Thank you everyone. I had a great time.


  • Hello, Artic123 , thank you for opportunity!

    I would like to ask about my job,career. What to do , how to find and get back to job ? are there some positive things in future concerning this?

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