Taurus Woman Loves her Cancer Man.HELP

  • Ok I am a Taurus woman 5/13/77 (pisces moon) and he is a cancer man 07/16/79 (aries moon), and I am totally in love with this man. It is just too scary for me how we have so much in common. I know his mood swings very easy and are able to tell in which mood he is in just by his voice alone. I really want to settle down with him but I am just so scared to get hurt . I have never been so insecure about a relationship since I've been dating. One thing, I 'm scared i am going to smother him with too much love but I kind of feel that he needs it. I love seeing his face when I tell him I love him. He looks like a big ole' kid with a cheesy smiley face. Aaaah! We have been dating for 3 months and we both fell hard very quick. I've noticed that his feelings get hurt very easy and he does crawl into his shell but I can get him out of it with a snap of a finger. I just hope my cancer man will appreciate the love and the lots of love i have to give. I hope he is not a manipulator nor using me because he thinks i am vulnerable.

  • Are you more scared of him hurting you or you not being able to handle it? If you are strong emotionally, you can survive the first thing, but if you don't have faith in yourself, you won't be able to engage in any relationship at all. Love is about taking chances. Go as far with this man as your gut feelings tell you is right. If you have any qualms about him, decide whether that is your true intuition warning you or just fear distorting the situation.

  • Thank you Captain for responding. I am not scared of getting hurt as I expect it and I feel I can definately handle it as I am already preparing for it. I guess that is the problem. I know i really do love him a lot. I am a physical person and we have NOT been physical at this point . I am scared once that comes to pass I will be more in love with this man. I will follow my gut feelings and continue this relationship. I just know if we do not get physical soon I will not be able to emotionally support him as much as I do now.

  • If you expect to be hurt, then you will certainly attract what you expect. Why not see what happens when you expect to be treated well?

    Why is the physical part so important to you? If he doesn't want to have sex with you, you will really dump him? Aren't you then using him for your own needs?

  • I totally understand and agree. I guess I have been hurt before (taurus, gemini, capricorn) , I am comparing my past to this future. It just seems things with my cancer man are too good to be true which keeps my guards up. He is the most sincere and loving man I have ever dated. As far as the sex*, distance is causing us not be able to get there. I would never dump him over not being able to get any from him. I am sooo looking forward to that day. I just know the more emotional support I give him, the more physical I want to get it. Do you think I can overly smother my cancer man with too much emotional support? as my love words and seduction gets deeper every time we see or talk to each other. Honestly sometimes, I might over due it because It helps me with my physical need too! (sometimes)

  • When you say you got hurt before, what exactly was the problem? Were these guys just afraid to commit or did you expect maybe too much from them, or did you each want different things from the relationship, or what? If you can identify where a relationship went wrong, you can fix it so it doesn't have to happen again.

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