Captain!!! advice would be nice :)

  • hi captain!!! i would really like to know where things will be headed. i.e. his intentions. whether or not he is considering a relationship w me. you've helped me before w/o sugarcoating it and was hoping you would again!!! thanks!!!!

    francesco.eugenio.bilotta may261989

    and me janet.tam feb7,1990

  • This is more of a social and mentally oriented relationship than a romantic one, with your friend needing the sociability less than you who are the more gracious. Both of you are independent and there can be warmth and good feelings here, but you Janet will want to be appreciated more than your friend can give. He can come to resent any shared home with you being left open to visitors all the time. He can be rather crusty when crossed and may withdraw from you in order to get his way or seek solace elsewhere. It will be hard to pin him down as he will always be very mercurial by nature. Trouble may arise if he begins to think you are too stubborn in your thinking, or if he dawdles too much for the fast-paced Aquarian that you are.

    The relationship is best for friendship as it would probably not survive any stresses put on it. There's not a lot of heavy emotionality here, which makes it possible for them to be friends but not deeply committed lovers.

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