I'm at a career crossroads.

  • I know compared to a lot of other things on this forum this isn't the biggest of deals but I'm finding myself at a crossroads with my career. And it has completely consumed all my thoughts the last couple weeks. I make one decision in my mind and it doesn't feel right, then I got back on it, and that doesn't feel right also. I'm not feeling anything but confused.

    I work full time in a decent job. Its comfortable. I continually grow frustrated because the lack of opportunity for growth. Therefore I decided to start my own business. Right now I do both. Work full time, and run my business. I have recently received the opportunity for a job that is only part time. I would be taking a huge pay cut. But this would allow me to concentrate solely on my business. But something doesn't feel right about all of this. I would have to move from a place that I love if i change jobs. But staying also doesnt feel right either because I know I'm doing it cause its all I'v known for 5 years.

    Some input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    I'm a capricorn. born 12-23-81.

  • I'll try a general reading and be back...

  • Hi Stephburger,

    I asked for your guides to assist me and pulled some cards for you and they suggest that the issue for you is in decision making - which seems obvious based on your post - and that this issue is based on hidden fears. In a nutshell, your guides want you to make a decision and not allow your fear to take over. Once you make a decision your energy will shift into intention which will align the appropriate energies to assist you. Learn to embrace your fears and all your doubts so that every life experience you have is a learning experience.

    So what you need to do now is take some time to sit and let all the doubts and fears melt away and see what remains afterward. What is it that you truly want? Money/material success or to do something you love regardless of whether or not it makes you rich because it also allows you to enjoy other things in life?

    From a practical standpoint, my suggestion is to ensure that you will be able to sustain yourself on the part-time job's pay. Even if your business does bring in money for you, most likely it will take some time to build it up and get to the point where you can count on a steady flow of income from it.



  • Before I proceed need to ask if you're contemplating a separation from a loved one or if there's an issue regarding a loved one or partner. There are 2 ways I can interpret this.

  • Thank you water girl for your amazing answer! Daliolite I would also love to hear your input to. No I'm not separating from a loved one. I have a very supportive husband 🙂

  • Ok, in present I see that there is lots of frustration re this dilemma. There is a good card combination on raising money for your project. Above your reading there is a collaboration or joining together of friends. Have you been contemplating bringing someone else into this collaboration. This project is something that you want to stick-to against the odds. Struggling to get it to work. I drew the Lovers card in your blocks position. This can be a decision-making card or a choice between two. Is your husband in collaboration w/you. I can interpret this as needing to make a decision/choice or a joining together. Above your reading is a joining together theme. There is also a warning here of who you let into this mix. It's more towards the things to come. Queen of rods in future position indicates a more creative approach. With the card combos around the queen of rods, I believe, it's regarding financing for your project. In your outcome and advice positions I'm getting a wait and see approach. I think as things play out, you're going to get a clearer picture of what to do. I feel like you're going to get some financial help w/this. This is your project, I get the feeling also for it to remain as your project. Not someone else's.


    present--10 of coins

    above--3 of cups

    below--7 of rods

    situation--9 of swords

    past--10 of rods

    challenges--6 of swords

    future--queen of rods



    advice--4 of cups

    outcome--high priestess

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