Tarot reading pls any one!!!

  • i would like to have a reading pls..

  • Hi brokenheart2011

    I am happy to provide a reading.

    This is a 5 card reading to open out the energies you are working with in your life right now.

    Head: The Lovers - well now we know what you're thinking about. The Lovers shows your thoughts are revolving around the energy of relationship, emotional connection with another, or "combining forces" in some way. You could be thinking about a love in your life, concerned about a relationship, or thinking of partnering in some way with someone else that has you wanting to be trusting and open with them.

    Heart: The Two of Swords - while your thoughts are on "the Lovers" your heart seems intent on maintaining a calm and cool intellectual focus. This is a balancing energy to the Lovers (you can see how the 2 swords balance the 2 cups in the lovers card). So you could be feeling a bit of a "balancing act" between your heart and mind lately. Your heart is at peace though at times your thoughts might be swirling around this union or shared energy with someone else.

    Feet: The Queen of Pentacles - this card is the position of life path and purpose, the steps you are taking right now. This reveals that you are concerned about practical matters, home, a security pattern and this is being handled in a very mature way. You seem to have the material aspects of your life managed very well.

    Reaching out: The Ten of Cups - This position reveals something you are "reaching for", to take hold of or attain in your life. The Ten of Cups is an "emotional or intuitive crossroads" so you are reaching out to resolve some sort of block or seeking to decide which way to proceed in something emotional in your life. You are trying to decide whether to return to the stability you have experienced in the 9 of cups, or you could be wanting to take some emotional risks and move forward to the Page of Cups. This could be connected to the Lovers energy that has you thinking a lot about this union or connection. There could be a relationship in your life that you are pondering how to handle, whether to move it forward or not. You really want to act on this issue lately.

    Letting go: Death - This position is an area you are releasing in your life. Could be a recent experience that is now in the past. Death is a card of "monumental transformation" and pertains to some significant personal change that must have occurred in your life that you are now moving away from. The Two of Swords in your heart seems to be the balancing energy that swept in after this. You experienced the "transformative" event back there, and then your heart drew down calm and balanced thoughts to help still the waters of whatever that was. With the Lovers in your head, and the Ten of Cups in your active hand, the spread seems to indicate something of an emotional nature in your recent past "transformed" and now you are working with the aftermath of that, trying to decide which way to turn (ten of Cups).

    The Queen of Pentacles at your feet (life path) can be a little wobbly though as she rests on one point. Your life seems to be very active materially (job, career, home life, physical maturity), and yet while that is going on, you are processing out the Death energy from your past, and the Ten of Cups crossroads before you. The Queen of Pentacles is calling down balance for your thought life (2 of swords in your heart) even as your mind is still swirling around this loves energy. All signs seem to point to a relationship issue you are contending with which went through a dramatic change or recent reversal.

    You can also see the Queen of Pentacles (4 pentacles in a diamond shape) sitting within the Death card to the left. So this is an indication that whatever happened in that "death" transformation has some sort of connection to your life path, and you could still be "walking out" some of the actions or steps from that very significant event back there.

    I hope that helps... I would focus in on the calm two swords energies right now, reflection and calm repose are in order. Quiet and peaceful settings, a nice time to pull away for you and focus on yourself, read, meditate and such.

    love, astra

  • Hello Astra,

    Wow!! Thanks for that amazing reading:) about 6months you did a reading for me ..hope you remembered! it was quite interesting and for me at that time i wanted things to work our with me and MR. Ex so badly.. that i wanted what you said to me to be happening right away..

    God has a way for us to look at things differently... I was with my EX for 4 yrs and 6 months ago we broke up and did not connect with each other.. i was really tired of the roller coaster emotions with him.. I was doing really good without him.. i was calm and peaceful and really happy with my self...

    Two weeks ago he came back into my life..( i was finally moving on) but just wanting to be "friends" he wants no relationship ... but yet he wants to hang out with me.. spend time.. he tells me all of the nicest things a woman would want to hear about how beautiful she is and even pushing his luck to have intimate relations with him.. ( i just don't get it)

    Astra, it is confusing to me.. The feelings for him came back and i feel like i am stuck all over again.. and he is just as the way he was.. I feel like i am puppet being controlled by him..

    Can you shed some insights as to what he wants from me and if so any relationship?.. so i dont waste my time any more.. just because i want him back .. i want him all and not halfway... am i wasting my time?

    Astra, Your reading this time describes me so well and i am really impress! it is so on point ..its like you know me.. 🙂

    Thanks for the reading, i really appreciate it.

  • Hi Astra,

    I would just like to know if you can tell anything from the reading what is Mr.Ex is thinking and what he wants from us.

    Appreciate it !


  • hey brokenheart

    Okay lets take a look and see about you and Mr. Ex....

    His needs seem to be mostly emotional and physical. Ten of Cups in his heart says he is hesitating in something emotionally, like he is wanting to either take some risks with you emotionally, or go back to some other pattern (person?) that he was comfortable with.

    he has no wands in his figure, so his self-identity and life roles are largely missing right now. It could mean he is very comfortable about who he is, or it could mean he has not really tried to figure that out yet. I tend to think the latter.

    He is standing on trust, so this is nice. I see him as trustworthy, I see no active swords in him (only a five in the past which tells me he must have recently made some change of thinking about you and then he's knocking on your door.

    His thoughts are consumed with a Queen of Pentacles, which is materially strong. He is concerned about maintaining the physical aspects with you and him. There are very few pentacles in your figure, so this tells me you are not exactly ready to hop into bed with him. That isn't stopping him though, probably makes him want you all the more. You have a 3 swords up top, which is planning energies as regards a lifestyle so you are focused on your life path and what is good for you. Keep that going, good job.

    All of those wands in you across your heart and extending out to the near future tells us that your needs are much more focused on YOU, your identity, your role You have worked hard to develop that so you are wise to use caution here. You are standing on the Magician card which is a card of comparing, imagining realities, so you are trying to visualize you and him together again however that does not seem to be a movie you are wanting to watch again right now.

    You have an Ace of Cups in the past so that shows something in iove that was started and now it fades away, replaced by the Wands of personal maturity and a strong, very postiive self image which you possess. Perhaps the Ace Cups represents what you had with him "back there" and with the Ace cups he has the five of swords so there must have been a few "differences of opinion" along the way which resulted in a few somewhat heated discussions maybe.

    The outlook here seems a little iffy to me... with no wands he could still be a cork on the ocean and the slightest little problem in the relationship could have him running back to that 5 swords for defense.

    Had I seen more wands with him I would have concluded he has developed or changed in some way, and then you two could match up as he then is a complement to your wands and it would be fun. Right now his focus seems to be on the physical and releasing something emotionally. I think he wants to cry on your shoulder while unzipping your dress.

    He is longing for a security pattern, a home, it could be that his life path is asking some tough questions of him right now, as he digs deeper to find out who he really is, and that could be frightening to him so he may reach back to the past to want to rekindle something as a security for himself, and avoid the hard questions that the Wands pose.

    How does that sound? You seem to be very smart in this matter, I am sure your instincts are carrying you safely.

    love, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    To tell you the truth, this reading is so true.. wow.. i had some encounters with him and he is really confused as to what exactly he wants.. we have shared some good times together for the past couple of weeks and today ... just because of one thing that i did a few months ago is haunting him ( so he says) he says it is very hard for him to get over ( seeing a pic of me and my ex husband in for the march break holiday) I reassured him that nothing is and was not going on and just my family happen to take those pics and he saw them.. .. but mind you for the past two weeks he did ask me about it and ... and i did make him to understand that nothing was going on..and i though he was over it ( but out of the blue today he is stuck on it and cannot get past it)

    but yes he was trying to get into my pants.. and yes he is like you said " he is like a cork in the ocean" so true 🙂

    To tell you the truth Astra, i do feel something for this guy but he is so unstable mentally.. and i feel with him not understanding me.. makes me feel like the most horrible person for making a mistake( taking a pic with my ex husband) now today he came to see me... and here i am rushing home from work to spend so time with him and here he goes .. feels like insulting and then he tells me that .. we are not in a relationship and he should not feel like this but he does and it hurts him... and then when he leaves my home and driving on his way home.. i was really trying hard to make him understand .. and that did not work... and he said good by and just hang up the phone ....whew!!!!!!!!

    Talk about roller coaster mental ride... so, i dont know why but call me crazy... i do still like this guy but i cannot live like this... it really drains me out mentally.. like i am always catering to him and he just retreats and get stuck .. and just pretty much dump me... gosh...

    Tell me Pls Astra what to do? i know i am not heartbroken anymore.. but i still have a bit of feeling for this guy... how can i move on completely?? or what should i do? will he ever come around back to me for a relationship? will i meet someone new? i am also stuck on this stupid thing.

    Help me Astra Pls.


  • Hey Zilla

    I hear everything you are saying. He is growing emotionally and you seem to be the more stable here emotionally by far... the guys... I need to start trying to focus on the men somehow.. wish they were more on the tarot forums...

    Justice. Rebalancing is the energy over you and the relationship. That is what is happening, there is some area emotionallly I would guess where this relationship is tipping too far to his side. in other words, you are responding to him thinking it is love (to come home to him, go back to him and he is then relieved emotionally), however that is giving him free emotional energy and so will then (if it becomes a pattern) will result in a stuck situation.

    So that is why the Universe is prompting you to open this matter out, it is like a "red flag" for you to assume the wise, higher road and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and that means that unless he can get past that "photo" (and there was NOTHING WRONG with you doing that!), the relationship has an "issue" for sure, the viability of it continuing then becomes a challenge until that matter is resolved and you BOTH understand what is going on here.

    I wish I could talk to him... that is the only problem with tarot forums, it is the partner who is really seeking divine highest path who are showing up here... the partners are not usually around. There is no couples counseling much here, it is all 'singles' counseling haha...

    Hierophant - connecting to a philosophy... maybe that is me philosophizing here :-)... anyway, your heart will guide you... getting several strong swords of intellectual clarity. Focus on maintaining your COOL HEAD and do not let your emotions direct your path right now, because you could be easily swayed by compassion and then it could set up a pattern that is not the best for you two. Your intuition is already alerting you that there is an issue.

    So matters are being "readjusted" because the teeter-totter has swung over his way now a little too far... my guess I think two are going to be spending some time apart... that photo of you and your ex... what a laugh... the angels are real artists... 🙂

    hugs, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks again for your great reading 🙂 I don't know why i still feel stuck on him walking out .. it just bugs me so much.. now i cannot get past this.. why is that? what is wrong with me again? why do i have to pay for his instability? why am i being so hard on myself?

    I do know i need to move on, but why this time around it is so difficult?

    Pls shed some light Astra.



  • Yeah somehow this relationship is exposing some area in each of your lives that is changing, growing, maturing perhaps// he is learning to not freak out over photos of you with your ex, and you are learning how to be patient and stick to a path that is in YOUR best interest and right now that appears to be keeping some space while he ponders his reactions or something.

    The "stuck on him walking out" also exposes some fear. You really want things to work out with him and it is very tempting to keep reaching back to him to keep the show on the road. However I see this as an important threshold for the two of you. I really think you need to dig your heels in here and not let him use you emotionally, because you are a compassionate person and there is a part of you that wants to console him sort of like, protect him from his fear, however that is not a good idea. It will set up a pattern for the relationship that spells trouble.

    I drew the Queen of Swords so you really need to THINK clearly with your head and don't let your emotions compel you to preserve a situation that needs to change. I would try and not think about him so much, absorb yourself in some other area for a while, something work related or creative that is emotionally rewarding for you. You want to find emotional gratification now in some other area for now...


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