Hi captain,pls help me

  • i have already posted this in another heading here.i just wanted to bring it to ur notice captain as ur advices seems very intellectual..pls help me

    I am an aquarian and my girl friend for 7 years is a taurus.shes the first love in my life and i have never cheated on her.i have been eager to marry her as soon as possible,but it got delayed due to various extrenal reasons.i am 34 now.things were finally looking good and we were planning to get married in sept .then suddenly everything ends.we used to have arguements and fights over little things and once of them happened on 3rd march and i said i am leaving her.normally this happens and we patch up in another 30 mins.but this time it dint happen.since the next day i have been trying to call her and she says she has had enough and have moved on.she says she has lot all feelings for me.since then i have been calling her and begging and crying,but all this is only taking her further away from me.i know crying and begging are the last things that shd have been done ,but i couldnt help it.i feel emotional everytime i think of losing her and i edn up crying.it been almost 45 days now and shes still adamant that she dont want to come back.her reason for that is that she says i had been controlling and restricting her all the time,and that i have been very possesive and jealous.and its the truth too.i had been so worried about losing her that i tried to keep holding her so tight.i dint realise its suffocating her.i am not able to move on.i am ready to fight and do whatever needed to win her back..pls advice how i can win her heart back

    our has been a long distance relation for all the 7 years.we met only once in two months or so and we used to spend 3 or 4 days together.after the break up shes been telling me that she has lost all love for me as one of her guy friends helped her in the situation and she has started having somefeelings for him.i am not sure if shes just lying to put me off.i talked to that guy and he said he considers her only as a friend and nothing more.she got more angry with me when she heard that i talked to him.i got an advice ont his forum to go and meet her directly and i am planning to go to india next week and meet her.is it a good idea?and what shd i do when i meet her.pls guide me

  • Because of your possessiveness and jealousy, your girlfriend (who likes her independence and doesn't like emotional scenes) has lost all trust in and love for you. She has indeed moved on as she was tiring of all the drama. She just wants a more peaceful relationship with someone and realizes you two just weren't compatible. There is nothing more you can do to win her back. You must now work on the issues that are making you so controlling and insecure, so that in your next relationship, things will go better. It's hard to let go of your first love but you do need to move on, as she has. She really is over you and going to see her would only make things worse.

  • is there anyway i can get her back captain,i have been trying for last 1 and half months but am not able to get back.they say any problem has a solution..isnt there anything i can do to get her back?i have changed.i have prmoised i will never try to controll her again..pls give me some advice

  • and she has never let me know that she was suffocating with me.this is the first time in 7 years.atleast if she has let me know before i would have been careful.isnt there something i can do to make her give me one last chance?

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