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  • Hello there, I would greatly appreciate any views of what this tarot card reading is trying to tell me about a deep crush I have, where I'm not completely sure about how the other person feels. I recently got out of a relationship and I'm still dealing with that right now (divorce), however, there is this person who has been on my mind for quite some time. We used to work in the same building but I transferred a while back to a different department. I still think about this person to this day. What are the messages from these tarot cards all together? I haven't spoken with this person for some time, but since I'm out of a relationship now, I asked her out for coffee. I haven't received a reply and I'm not sure if she's in a relationship, I think she might be. I am sure about her sexual orientation though. It's important to note we are both women. Before I say too much, I'd like to see what other people pick up from this reading:

    I asked the tarot to show me what would happen between this person and I within the next year. While shuffling the cards, the Ace of Swords popped out, I shuffled the cards several more times and got the Ace of Swords again. I used the Celtic Cross (and added an additional one at the end) is what I got:

    1. 5 of cups (represents me)

    2. King of wands (atmosphere and influences around my problem)

    3. Ace of swords (represents nature of the influence or obstacles which lie just ahead)

    4. 9 of swords (existed in the past and upon which the present events are taking place)

    5. Hierophant (most recent sphere or events which have just passed or which are just passing now)

    6. The Sun (sphere of influence that is coming into being in the near future in a broad sense)

    7. Queen of pentacles (shows the future)

    8. The Moon (what I fear the most)

    9. Ace of wands (family and social environment, sum of all opinions and influences related to family and friends)

    10. Knight of pentacles (represents my hopes, sum of all wishes)

    11. 6 of pentacles (final result)

    • Added one additional card and got the World.

  • Hello Wanderlust,

    It's great that you wrote about the Ace of Swords jumping out. It's usually the cards "speaking." I find that it usually tells you what the rest of reading will be about.

    The Ace of swords indicates of want or need of a new change. It's the right time and all things that have gone bad will suddenly have a turn for the better and be for your benefit.

    1. The Five of Cups shows that you are scared, afraid of what is to be. You can't let go of the past as you only see and expect the worse.

    2. The King of Wands tells me that perhaps you're concerned about what people around you say. Since you say you are divorced it may be from your former spouse and you are trying to hide your life from them, from their judgement.

    3. The Ace of Swords here tells that you may not be seeing things clearly. You're not so enthusiastic or willing to fight as much as you once did.

    4. The Nine of Swords shows you looking down, worried. You may going through anxiety, as you feel you are alone.

    5. The Hierophant here tells that perhaps you had conflicts with your parents or people that you once thought of as teachers or people you went to for advice. You were trying to find what you thought was better for yourself and went against their advice.

    6. The Sun indicates a brighter happier time. It will feel as if your problems suddenly lift and you can now lift your head up and smile.

    7. Queen of Pentacles may indicate a woman coming into your life. An earth sign and one who is grounded, practical and willing to help you out. You may also go through some financial worries in the future.

    8. The Moon here shows that you may be afraid to letting your emotions go. You fear that you fantasies or imagination might run with you and get you in trouble.

    9. The Ace of Wands shows that perhaps your family may be supportive of your ideas. They would like you to move on and start over.

    10. Knight of Pentacles shows that you simply want someone that is trustworthy and someone you can count on to come into your life. Maybe someone younger that can bring excitement as well.

    11. Six of Pentacles here shows that you may finally find balance on a material level. You will simply walk into a good phase of life--serendipity.

    The last card World, is another indicator of the outcome, so it tells me that you will really come into joy and happiness in the near future.

    For the most part, the cards are positive, but I see that you're not as hopeful. You're thinking about things a lot, but I think that if you're patient and take things slow, things will turn out better.

    I think that eventually she will come into your life, but for you not to rush her.

    That's my amateur interpretation, but I hope it helps some.

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