Captain, I am so in need of your help right now. please.

  • Hi captain, i know you are a very busy person, but I just really would like to ask you a huge favor in giving me a reading as I see you really help out others. I would like a reading on my current situations/relationships. My DOB 9/9/86 other person is 8/30/86, and the third person is 11/10/84. Thank you, it would be really appreciated please, and thank you again.

  • You and 8/30/86: both of you have a strong tendency to withdraw regularly from the world and to lead highly private personal lives. The synergy of your relationship magnifies this trait, making isolation almost a prerequisite for you two at times. It's not that you cannot be forceful and reliable in your professional worlds - far from it, you can be workaholics, even. It is simply that there is a split between your public and your private lives that must be rigorously observed. Your friends, for example, often come from your professional strata, but your meetings with these people are usually subject to social rules that determine when and how often you can appropriately see each other outside work. A love affair or marriage here can work - it will be a quietly emotional relationship in which feelings are expressed without a lot of fuss. Your partner may be a little unprepared for your sexual tastes but once he catches on, the relationship can prove mutually satisfying. If a breakup does occur, it can be extremely painful. Your partner may have some unrealistic expectations (positive and negative) or very high hopes in his relationships which may only mask his fear of being unable to sustain them. So make sure you both keep your feet on the ground in this one.

    You and 11/10/84: again as with the first relationship (a pattern?), the two of you have a withdrawn, private side so that you would both just as soon spend your time alone. Yet the chemistry of your matchup is surprising in that it activates your impulse for social action with other people. This is a relationship that will try to turn you both away from your preoccupation with the personal. giving you the chance to balance that side of yourselves with family, community, club and team-sports interests. Your mystery and your partner's silence will never be completely erased but the relationship will give you an opportunity to combine your more introverted sides with other aspects of life that you might well have neglected. Your love affair can be dark, passionate, even stormy. It will activate deep areas of both your psyches, creating a smouldering intensity. At the same time, the relationship has a social drive that prevents you from wallowing in the moods and depressions to which you are both prone, motivating you to seek out the company of others. Marriage here can be highly successful, even if you sometimes need a little light relief from each other - which you are likely to find in parties, entertainment, vacations, games and other light-hearted activities involving friends and family. The matchup can bring out a healthy unserious side in you both which you do need to experience to be balanced. Your partner must watch his obsession with himself, physically and emotionally, so that he doesn't have trouble letting you get close to him. He has a fear of being controlled by another person which he must deal with. He can also get very possessive and jealous if he thinks you are tiring of him or seeing someone else.

    So while these relationships have many similarities, the second one will hold more emotional expression, whether that is something you prefer or not is up to you. The first man and you have a similar goal in life - you both want to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. You both do like to 'do your own thing', though and must give each other space when needed. The second man is looking for total permanent commitment, to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. That may be more of a deep emotional commitment than you want to take on or perhaps you will enjoy his intensity and physicality.

    I hope this helps!

  • thank you Captain, this is very appreciated. right now, I am not knowing exactly what the scorpio is feeling or wanting from me. I don't know if I should talk things out with him or to talk to him about being friends(I really don't know). What can you see in that area? How do you see his feelings towards me?

  • It's going to be difficult to be just friends with him. He wants more than that from relationships - he wants a very intimate physical connection ie. sex. Sex and love are tied together for him.

  • But do you see him wanting that with me or do you feel that he is completely done with me?

  • He doesn't feel you can give him what he wants.

  • so what do you suggest i do? Just let it be or should I ask him out for lunch to talk about things?

  • Just let it be - Scorpions are notoriously secretive and if he doesn't want to discuss the situation with you, he won't.

  • So I completely took your advice and told myself to just let it be. Went to work the next day with my happy face on and my confidence back in place. It seemed to have some sort of effect on him, i dont know. But he started to really acknowledge me and actually came up to me and stopped to talk for a little while. He also asked me what I was going to do after work and I said that I had to catch up on some things that I had been behind on. Was this just to be nice because he feels bad? Or what can you tell me this was about?

  • Everyone wants to be around a positive person. Since you feel this was a change for you, you must have unknowingly been going around rather glumly, something that probably made people want to keep their distance..

  • Hi Captain. My scorpio is coming back strong and we have been hanging out alot lately. But I would like to know if u could give me a reading or some insight on to what his intentions are??????Please?

  • Whether they are bad or good and if so, what are they (his intentions with me)? also the post above as well. thank u in advance.

  • He wants to be with you while you are in your positive light-hearted state but the moment you get moodier or more serious, he will withdraw. At the moment he is trying to weigh you up to see if you are trying to control him or not by making him form a deeper commitment, which is not what he wants at this time.

  • captain, this guy is such a jerk, he was using me the whole time, and while that, he comes and tells me that he has been back with his kids mom. I am so done with him, better to learn now than when it is too late. Never again will i go there with him.

  • Don't let this experience embitter you against all other relationships. You learnt a helpful lesson here so that you won't be taken in next time. Every situation makes us wiser, more cautious, and stronger than before.

  • Hell yeh I am soooo over it!

    These guys pretend to be my friend then fuck me off, use me and now I dont speak to em.

    I hate the way they are to me.

    FUckwits they are all of them.

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