Please help me decipher some cards in my reading

  • Hello dear forum folk,

    Hope everyone's been keeping well. If you have time and energy and will to guide me a little bit, I would appreciate it.

    I wasn't initially going to do this but had a 2 person burning question tarot reading yesterday and find myself thinking about it constantly. The outcome was amazing, but the cards in the middle: issues and advice, are confusing to me, both mine and his.

    If anyone has time, could you please give me your thoughts on what these cards are trying to say?

    The question was: Will we end up together? The reading I got was the following:

    1. Love situation - The Sun: This is relatively easy; we have an amazing connection and we get so much from being with each other. When we're together, we satisfy each other's need and feel like we're perfectly accepted and understood - very powerful and strongly positive emotions.

    2. Challenges and Opportunities - The Fool: We should try to be as open and innocent as possible about our feelings? Try to keep it simple?

    3. First Person's Issues - The Lovers: This is where it gets a bit tricky... Is my issue that we're only lovers and not more? Or Is my issue that we're lovers, ie. it would be better if we were not? Or is it that my issue lies with the uncertainty of this relationship?

    4. Second Person's Issues - Ace of Swords: Is his issue 'the victory' of 'getting with me', the fact that he feels that he holds all the power? Or is it the beginning of something, a seed of an idea that represents an issue to him?

    5. Advice for First Person - Two of Coins: whatever it is that the third card points to, i'm letting it get to me and upset me - i should try to be balanced no matter what happens, so that the issues don't affect my mood too deeply?

    6. Advice for Second Person - King of Swords: this is what i don't get... I guess if the issue represented in the 4th card is the beginning of something, the advice is to make a decision? Sword is an intellectual suit and it's about being sharp and decisive? Any other ideas?

    7. Possible Outcome - Ten of Cups: marriage, family, harmony, perfect love and other good things.

    Thanks and lots of love x


  • Hi Helbells,

    What I get for you is that you need to bring yourself back down to earth a little bit and balance yourself emotionally. The Sun as the situation with the Fool as challenges....see the young boy on the horse in the Sun? All those rays of light from the sun behind him? It's like a Christmas morning kind of excitement to me and then the Fool as a challenge is saying that you may be too into riding the emotional wave - the excitement of thinking about an idyllic future with the two of you. The Lovers as your issue confirms this. As an issue it is saying that you may be too focused on this soulmate happy ever after feeling. This is why your advice is the Two of Pents. The man in this card is juggling and he also does not have his feet firmly planted on the ground. This card is asking you to find balance and to ground yourself.

    As for your guy, the Ace of Swords and King of Swords are both not very "emotional" cards. Are you sure of his feelings for you? He may have his heart guarded and protected. The outcome card can go either way for this relationship. My advice based on this spread is once again to calm yourself a bit emotionally - center and ground yourself - and take it slow.



  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thank you so much for taking a look at this. You're probably right about the need to calm myself down. I do feel like he's 'the one' but the situation is complicated to say the least and lately my mood is way too dependant on what is happening between us at any given time. It's a rollercoaster and at some point you want the ride to finish, right? By that I mean I want the circumstances to improve, not the relationship to finish - I think regardless of how it ends (or doesn't), my feelings are here to stay.

    I am sure of his feelings for me. I do believe we both recognize each other. He's not a very emotional person though - by that I mean he's rational, intellectual, sharp and good at keeping composure, as a rule, not necessarily around me:) That's not to say he isn't emotionally intelligent though - it's the opposite, he's very nice and sensitive to the people around him. He's a lawyer and he has a lot of authority and respect - if there was a tarot card to represent him, King of Swords would probably be it (he's also an air sign).



  • Helbells,

    I hate to break it to you but the roller coaster ride is never over! 🙂 Relationships are work - ask any married woman on this site. It feels like you are waiting for the clouds to part, the sun to shine through and the "happily ever after" to begin. It's part of the culture of young women being raised on fairy tales!!

    I didn't say this yesterday, but since you commented on the Ace and King of Swords for him, I need to caution you. Remember that these cards came up not to describe him - his personality, job, etc - but to describe his issue and his advice. The Ace of Swords as an issue came through to me as needing clarity and to use that sword to cut ties with something or someone else. The King of Swords is a man of truth, logic and the law. As advice it feels like he needs to make a decision with his head rather than his heart.

    That 10 of Cups as the outcome came through to me as family. It feels like his choice or decision is between you and a family he already has. I won't tell you what to do but feel like I should tell you that this relationship is really not in your best interest.



  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thank you. Not easy to hear. But necessary. I don't know what to do. I've never been so sure of my love for anyone before in my life. I'm not sure I have the strength to walk away - no matter what that makes me.

    Please give me advice. If you look at other in my life - is there anyone else I should be taking a chance on. Or should I just wait for someone new? Should I make changes to my life (the ones that take me further away from the one I love)? Maybe if I don't see him every day...

    I've never understood why the universe would create something as strong as this thing between us, without giving it any chance for life. It really breaks my heart. I don't see how my future can hold anyone that will not feel like second best after this man.

    Maybe it's also not a good idea for me to do readings for myself. Would you mind terribly taking a look at this mess of mine by doing a reading of your own?

    Thanks for being honest with me. I do really REALLY want to hear the whole truth.

    Lots of love,


  • Helsbells,

    I pulled some cards for you about this situation and the entire spread was about learning to tap into your true wisdom - wisdom that comes from Spirit and your higher self - rather than allowing your ego to run the show. It feels like you get your mind set on something and then try to force the outcome that you want rather than paying attention to the signs you are given from above. This indeed was a learning experience for you. Learning to choose wisely. To choose the path that will lead you forward in a positive direction. To view your choices and your situations from a higher view point so you can see them with clarity. To learn that yes you have the free will - and control - to make decisions for yourself, but you are also responsible for the choices you make in life. There's a big part of you that is so filled with hope and optimism for getting what you want - which is great - but you have a tendency to use that faith to hold onto things that are not for your highest good rather than releasing them. That is the ego running the show. The cards show that you still will be faced with a decision about this relationship in the near future as you are still not ready to let go. Please do your best to surrender. Sometimes when we hang onto things we are just prolonging our suffering and that is not what the Universe or your higher self wants for you. The advice is to bring this situation with this man to a close. I also got a few nudges that there is a financial aspect to your life that needs attention as well. I think that maybe there is an element here of learning that you are indeed capable of providing your own safety and security and do not need a man to do this for you. Self-reliance. Self-care. Learning to find happiness and fulfillment on your own and not needing it from an external source.

    With regard to why these things happen - I could go on and on. Take some time this week to think about what the cards have shown for you today and if you are ready to at least take the first step toward moving forward, then post a message for me Friday - I will be back online Saturday.

    And with regard to another man...right now you need to just focus on letting this current one go and truly healing from it. Part of that healing is to learn from it so that you can avoid similar relationships/situations in the future. The fact that you want to know who else is around you right away suggests that there is something in yourself that you feel is missing that a man will provide for you. Once again, I am getting those fairy tale images. Jumping into another relationship without absorbing what needs to be learned from this one will result in another disappointment and heartache. Don't do that to yourself!

    If you would like help discovering the lesson in all of this for you, then once again, post for me on Friday.



  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thank you. The reason why I ask about another man is because there is one in the picture. He seems very keen. And I do like him. But it's just attraction rather than a connection (maybe it's just me trying to find things wrong with him). I've been wondering if I should give him a chance and let him in.

    While my financial situation is not great, I'm not getting any kind of support from this man and not relying on / or expecting it from him either.

    I have gotten very much out of this relationship - self acceptance, self love, confidence, sexual healing. I have never felt less proud / egoistic or more honest and open (something that came from higher, I didn't really have a choice in the matter) with anyone else but him. I am not asking why this relationship happened. It had to. I am just genuinely sorry that the circumstances are so difficult and the obstacles so big for us. It's the higher signs and truth I followed that got me into this relationship and I always knew that it was going to be temporary. I know it will have to finish but I just can't let go yet. But you're right, that's what the signs from above are telling me now.

    What will our relationship be like once this stage is finished? He says he doesn't want to lose me and he always wants to be friend and that's exactly the way I feel - I can manage not having a physical relationship with him but I want him to stay in my life. Will he?

    Thank you for all your help.



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