Do I owe anyone a reading?

  • I realize I haven't been here for a couple months, and I'm really sorry. I've had a lot of things going on. Do I owe anyone a tarot reading?

  • You dont owe me a reading but would love if you could give me one on how "R" is feeling or thinking about me? If things will become more again between us or if he is back with his ex?

    if you can't that is understandable. thank you

  • Of course.

    What he thinks he feels - 10 of cups

    The ten of cups to me represents that, currently, that he feels that he is complete emotionally and does not need any other kind of emotional relationship in his life. He feels that he is better off where he is right now. Because there are two people depicted on the card, I would say that it is a possibility that he is with someone else.

    What he feels physically - Page of Cups Rx

    He feels sad that your relationship is at this state, and yet, he is unable to allow himself to actually feel these emotions, and as a result is blocking off any kind of sadness or feeling towards you at all.

    What he feels emotionally - Five of Wands

    He is currently very conflicted with his emotions and feelings towards you, and as a result is fighting with himself over them. Quite possibly, this could mean that he is having conflicting feelings regarding you and the other person.

    Advice - Ace of Cups Rx

    My advice to you, is to let out any kind of negative emotions you have regarding this issue, maybe write him a letter explaining how you feel, or just to simply meditate on the issue at hand and find a more even balance of emotions before you attempt to contact him or start something new again.

    Hope this works out for you.

  • Hi, can I get a reading from you please? I wanna know if I have a future with this new guy Eric? Will I see him sometime soon? How will it go? what should I know about him? I appreciate your time and your help. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi yo don't owe my a reding but can you do a reading in my relatioship if it's not to much to bother. Thank you

  • wow, i was thinking this could be it. And honestly, Before i read the reading, I was thinking i should write him a letter. That is so crazy. Honestly, I know we probably would never have a long lasting relationship, and I don't think he can really offer me what I really want in life, and was thinking that I just didn't get enough time with him and would like to have something like a fun, friends with benefits, no emotions, none of that extra stuff with him and was thinking to write him a letter. Can you see if he would be up to doing that? instead of trying for something serious. please and thank you so much for your time. lots of hugs

  • Hi IMElizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing your gift. You don't owe me a reading but would love if you could give me one on how "C" is feeling or thinking about me? If I will hear from him and if he is back with his ex? ... and if we will ever be back together again. He is the man of my life.

    Thank so much

  • Hello IMElizabeth!

    You don't 'owe' me a reading, but I would greatly appreciate if you wouldn't mind providing me with one??

    What can you 'perceive' that SW is thinking/feeling relative to he and I and the direction that our relationship is headed in? Will there be a final "curtain call", as such? If so, how will it progress?

    Thank you, in advance for your gift! Light and Love surround you,


  • IMElizabeth,

    You don't owe me a reading either, but can I please have one?

    I guess my focus would be on career ($$) and love. I have two love interest (one capricorn & one scropio). My dob is 3-22-75

    Thank you so much,


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