I need advice on my Capricorn guy please :(

  • I'm a Virgo (20) and he's a Cappiev(26) he has told me he's interested in me thou he still think im too young and hr cant take me out me out to the places he liked to go like the pub are pool hall, I made him know rightvaway I'm not a child and can govwheredgervi please, don't treat me like a 5 year old who needs a sitter, I got upset with up right away and wanted to in his own words dismiss me, he said he was sorry and just he did like to take me out but he leave work at 11 at night.   Thou we met online and have only met once in person once. He msg me everyday before and after in the morning to say good morning and how am I doing. We will contInuevti talk right thru the day at work and after we leave work. He has a very successful job I on the other hand work as visual at a retail store and I'm still in school right now and I'm worried I may see me as not ready yet even thou we have talked about everything about what we both want in life in the three weeks we have know each other. We are both very traditional, family orientated, simple people. We both want to settle down soon, get married and have a big family. Family means a lot to us both, the thing I have been so moody lately I got inpatient with him not asking me to spend time with him, makes be feel he's not interested in me at all. He told him I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time and risk getting hard again. He'd said he's just going with the fool, then out if nowhere he got quiter than usual. He never replied back until this morning about him going to a event he was invited to before thou he was tired, I was talkin to him about it that if he's tired he should head home after work and get a good night ls sleep, he said he don't kno ad yet I said but what ate you suppose to do if your body is tired and he never replied back until this morning I just told j hood he had a good nights rest. He haven't replied back since 😞 did I get clingy, vulnerable and scare him off 😞

  • You're rushing this. You've only met this guy once and talked online a bit. Yet you sound like you are ready to marry him. Please take more time to get to know him before you jump in. You're young and have plenty of time to commit and settle down. You will regret it if you do something impulsively. Enjoy yourself while you can and don't take life so seriously. When making any big decision, get as much info as you can. Be friends with this guy first, then see what else you may have together.

  • But should I message him are wait for him to are just let go and move along ? What if he doesnt like me at all

  • This is what you need to find out - if he really likes you or is just looking for a bedroom partner. Message him that you just want to be friends for now (no sex) and if he is genuine and still keen, he will get in touch.

  • I don't want to MSG him are get clingy to

    Him I get he's a busy man and not mines to get attached to. But still he hasn't message me like he use to with his good mornings since Friday. Should I are just wait it out and give him his space and if he doesn't. Should I ?

  • I have already given you my advice.

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