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  • I was dusting this morning, and came cross, this saying on a small sticky note..

    The Thunder, Perfect Mind

    For I Am The First

    The Last I Am The Honored

    One And The Scorned One

    I Am The Whore And The Holy One

    I Am Strength And I Am Fear I am War

    And I Am Peace.......

    anyone may guess or interpret if they wish to what this passage means..

    i already know the meaning... 🙂


  • Welcome!


    I take great offense at your deleting my posts. If I CHOOSE to give my email address to people here on Tarot (AND you can CLEARLY see it is not my normal everyday email address and in NO WAY detrimental to my safety in ANY way......believe me my real name is definitely NOT Wenchie) AND I am not giving it to anyone for the purpose of selling anything (it was only to inform others of the new links to re-sign up for the FREE weekly prayers/meditation that we have been receiving, then what is your problem. This is part of the reason why I am hardly ever here anymore and why MANY people barely come on here anymore. In fact, I deregistered for everything from Tarot, including any specials, daily horoscopes etc etc. I find it beyond rude and when you learn to stop acting like a bunch of nazi's and allow people to communicate with each other like normal human beings, then perhaps you wouldn't keep losing good people who no longer wish to come here. I belong to many forums and others allow people to message each other and maintain friendships off the forum and out in the real world.

    I personally have still somehow managed to make friends from here that I ring (even the overseas friends) and keep in contact with you and none of us have anything to do with this site anymore. You may want to think about that. You're controlling, dominating, domineering ways are pushing people away.

    I've said my piece.

  • I said when you learn to stop acting like a bunch of N*azi's (because that is EXACTLY how you are behaving)

  • From Wenchie (NOT MY REAL NAME)

  • Dear Admin,

    As Wenchie is one of the founding members of the Circle of Gold, and well known to me in so many wonderful ways, I can tell you it takes much for her to vent her spleen so strongly.

    We understand that Tarot has rules; what we are questioning is how viable the "no email" rule is in terms of something that is designed and dedicated to uplifting others on a regular basis, simply because everyone needs inspiration, support, and love. Frankly, I just don't have the funds to host the Circle of Gold by itself at another website entirely.

    When potential subscribers can't find me -- because I have to go through gymnastics to give them a web address or email address-- it is very frustrating for all of us. That's all.

    I receive dozens and dozens of Thank You's regularly, along with member's stories of how much the Circle has helped them find balance, renew their faith, and advance in life. That is it's purpose. With or without as a tolerant partner, they win, because I am dedicated to ensuring they win, and have been for nearly two years.

    With great respect,

    Shira Kozak

    Author, Self-awareness teacher, and Founder

    Wonderful staff of -- Feel free to visit the website and sign up anytime to start enjoying the benefits our current members already enjoy!

  • This post is deleted!

  • no comment!


    I hope we can all continue to support each other here on Tarot

    and NOT let misunderstandings keep us from coming together here ...

    AS For me being away, i was doing other things-..I'm sorry if i at any time offended anyone...!!!

    I ask all angels to send their love and much peace and light ...




  • Hello All,

    We're sorry to hear that you are upset. We have the no email rule to protect you from unscrupulous people who might use that info against you and also to protect us in case someone is taken advantage of and decides it's our fault.

    As a corporation, we have to abide by stricter rules than most individually owned forums out there. Many companies -- including -- have the same rules for the same reason.

    We're sorry that you don't like the rules, but we have to enforce them in order to offer forums to our members. We still feel that even with these rules, the forums are still a great way for members to interact with one another and are proud of the strong friendships that have formed.


    Forum Admin

  • UNDERSTOOD... THANK YOU ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Ahliyah

    Thankyou for your truly inspiring words. I am a Light worker too. This is something I started recently. I have been experiencing great shifts within . Although there is this certain issue related to my significant other that is sort of limiting me from maybe moving forward.I very well know it is a self limiting thought. Please add me to your prayer circle. I need some kindness,love & above all support in my life now so that this phase passes soon. Thank you Ahliyah. The Creator's Love will help you make all the difference that you were born to make here.

    I must say my manifestations are offcourse very fast now : ) Hope everyone everyone reading this realizes that the Creator's Assistance and Love is our Birthright. Seek for it and you shall Receive it.

    Thank you

    Creator's Love

  • Namaste karmafilter! Thank you for your kind words. I'm curious to know what shifts you've experienced since beginning lightwork. What specifically are you doing?


    Shira Kozak

  • Blessing, Ahliyah!

  • Blessings to all

    I'm always blessed when i get to read here, the wonderul manifestions of creative love...

    Ahliyah, my own manifestions in forms of objects dreams and sounds..

    material objects moving from one place and reappearing in another place.. sounds that go off when there is no activation too set them off... and dreams of my own phyiscal self becoming renewed

    l...have long since stopped denying my own self - that i can create and manifest all things...

    just today, my creative love work, led me to listen to a program on healing -using herbs and natural organic roots...of any given morning, my radio which is set on A.M. frequnecy...

    today A.M frequnecy scrambled- with static sound dead noise... My creative love work, led me to change the frequency - I'm always constantly learning--my collective mind wants me to learn and to heal.. to stay healthy, i know we all have guidance from a higher spiritual source...

    i trust it and would be so lost without guidance.......

    my light work homework, is to heal - i know my contribution for positive thought also helps heal all things.. healing we all need it.... !!!



  • Millie join our group under Divination "What are Thankful for."

  • Belssings, Thank You Poetic 555

    Your group, is it HERE...??

    will search Divination...... be right back !!!

    xox M i l l e

  • Dear Ahliyah

    I recently got initiated into Theta healing . A wonderful journey i am traveling right now.This modality uses the Seventh plane which is offcourse the Divine Light to create healings and manifestations. Ive had to work on my fears, resentments , limiting beleifs etc over the past few weeks which i refer to as the shifts within my self. Although , I am moving ahead with great faith.

    Love and Blessings to All

  • Another day another dollar. The government is nothing but a hollar. I puked I screamed I laughed i cheered. Can't wait until Ocensus is here. Watch your Karma.

  • AHliyah: Could you please include me in your prayers, just like a lot of people out there I lost my job and I have to get a full time job soon, there is a lot on my shoulders, I just seem not to have a lucky strike, thanks

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