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  • Hi Ahliyah,

    I hope all is well with you, haven't noticed you about for a bit.

    I would be grateful if you and all members could pray for someone I know and send some healing prayers their way. I cannot give you too much detail but I know this person and her child really needs our prayers. Love and light x

  • Hi Azure, we'd be glad to do. Is there anything you can tell us -- a name -- that will help to direct the prayers?


    Ahliyah xoxo

  • Hello everyone. Olive Branch is having surgery today, so please add your prayers for a safe successful process and full, comfortable recovery. Lord Sananda will be with her, holding her hand throughout. You may like to give thanks to Lord Sananda and all the Hosts of Heaven for their generosity love, compassion and comfort. See in your minds Olive returning to her regular life in an improved and healthy, laughing, joyful state of being!

    The appointment time is 11:40 Mountain time today.

    Love and light and gratitude,



  • Hi Ahiliyah!

  • Hi Poetic! How are you dear?


  • Ok, just have a bad tooth ache for the last two weeks, with two trips to the Dentist and I'm still in pain. I will probably go back tomorrow. Happy Holidays!

  • Aww, toothaches are no fun. Here's wishing you a quick resolution to your tooth issues. : )

    Happy Holidays back at you!!


  • Ahilay, I want to thank you and everyone for the prayers and positive energy. I am home after surgery. I will not know the results of the biopsy until next week. Of course the Dr. hopes that he was able to remove all of it and that it did not spread further and that answer will not come for 3 months. The wait seems very long and will be hard,. I will also have to be proactive and continue with my alternative treatments such as acupuncture, herbs, yoga, tai chi and a healthy diet. I do want everyone to know that when I went in for the procedure and everything was ready to start they turned on the scope and the light went out. The Dr. could not get it back on and so arrangements were being made to move me to another room on another floor and technicians came to look at the scope. Right as I was getting to leave after about 20 minutes the tech got the machine to work. As we started again the machine had another problem with the machine. The Dr. said all of it quite strange, we all stayed positive and recognized it talking about some things just are not meant to be explained. Well everything then worked and the procedure went ahead without interruption. I really feel that there was so much light energy in the room that was sent by everyone that the it malfunctioned the equipment. Even though the whole thing was stressful and I was scared I felt calm even when everything went off track. I have appreciation and gratitude to all of you. I find strength from and it will continue to pray that Lord Sananda and all are will me util my full recovery! ILove, light, joy and happiness to all the universe.

  • Blessed be, Olive! : )

    Thanks to everyone who added their love and powerful positive thoughts to the mix. You are greatly appreciated.

    Love and Light,


  • Namaste Members!

    Just FYI, if you have a question you'd like me to respond to, please post it here on the Circle thread. Until sometime in January, when we transition to a forum or chat software of our own, I will only be responding to posts here.

    Blessings, and Warm Wishes for a Joyful Holiday,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • Ahliyah dear,

    Awe shucks! For a minute there I thought I mighta won something! Spent a few minutes last night day dreaming about what I'd put in request for a 15 minuter.

    So now I'm thinking why not now? What the hey here goes. If you feel so inclined. Or any other seer, if not thats fine too. it does align somewhat w/ the original thread, compassion w/ boundaries, letting go. I've never asked before usually do my own tarot.

    It's about my relationship w/ my twin. He is mentally ill shows very little affect sorta disappeared into his head hears voices and prefers them to people.I experience a mixture of feelings . Love of course but there's guilt, useless as it is that I can't help him more in some way and then there's my ego throwing in it's stuff. Disappointment in myself that I'm not more "altruistic". My boundaries around taking care of me (him and his environment can be draining) I try to be compassionate and generous. His life choice is hard to witness. Any helpful insights would be appreciated. I know I am a sensitive and environment is key.

    The tarot I've gotten in the past around it have told me to be cautious and to take care of myself in all ways then I can be of better service. I try to do that, I'm a single mom of a 28 year old daughter on the autistic spectrum who's still at home. I do not visit my bro when I'm too tired from work or riding to and from work(my transportation is a bike) sometimes up to 25-30 miles a day but usually less.

    I aspire to show up 100% from a compassionate place w/o any expectation, just give to a unfortunate soul from a pure place but truth be told I fall short of that.

    Any comments would be appreciated and of course in your own time. If there isn't any that's kuhl too.

    Cheers Pfree

  • Hello Ahliyah, I need your insight on a situation please.

    My Exboyfriend's employee has been spreading NASTY rumors about him lately. She also has been stealing money from his company(he is the President). I am puzzled as to why she is being so mean and nasty to him. She only has a nineth grade education; and, he was nice enough to make her Program Director of his company!!!! Among other things, he also has given her health Insurance and big bonuses.

    What did my Exboyfriend do to her to deserve this??

    Employee: March 20th,1968

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

  • Well done Pfree! I am sure you have won fair and square : ) x

    Dear Ahliyah,

    The snow is still hanging about here. It caused chaos with transport for people here, trying to get away/home for Christmas. Channel tunnel was kaput for days, airports out etc. How is it going snow wise where you are now?

    I am looking forward to this weeks meditation. Having a bit of a wobbly week..........perhaps because it's Christmas etc. also worried about my daughter who is going through her own emotional turmoil too...........sigh! Also it could be 'cos an old ailment of mine has reared it's head again, so please send any healing thoughts my way as I could really do with some in order to cope physically with lifting things in and out of the oven day after tomorrow..........yikes!

    I am so looking forward to having my kids (and some of their friends who have nowhere to go that day) all together for the day. I remain positive in the light though :).

    To you, all members and everyone on (who celebrate Christmas) I am now going to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and to all others a very happy and peaceful holiday ('cos the way my hands are going atm I might only be able to do one finger typing by!). Big thanks for all the support, kindness and blessings I have recieved since joining this forum.

    In love and light x

  • Oops........was doing a bit of skim also well done HW, very inspiring. Love and light x

  • Dear Ahliyah,

    Sending you wishes for a very Merry CHRISTmas! Hope this holiday season is full of creating many good memories with your loved ones 😃

    Love & Hugs,


  • hi, ahliyah. do i say this? can i receive a little extra healing energy? i'm a little messed up right now..both physically and emotionally. thanks for your support. 🙂

    hope you guys have a great christmas!

  • Namaste!

    Pfree, TaMR, I'm going to respond to you via email.

    Danr, thank you for your lovely wishes! I hope you have a blessed, peaceful holiday!

    Azure, the snow is half melted, half frozen and a royal pain in the patoot! Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your hands. I'll send out a mini healing today for the Circle. There are a number of members who have written about health issues.

    Pilot, I'm looking into your concern right now.

    Back soon!

    Love and light to all,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • thank youuu! ❤

  • Namaste Pilot.

    It looks like there is a need for healing on both sides of this situation. The need for resoution in one is being reflected by the need for resolution in the other. Standing outside the 'circumstances' of the situation, one can begin to see the need to heal resentments and longstanding internal suffering. There is also denial of the situation as one way of handling it. Obviously this isn't working. Your ex has a responsibility to stop laughing it off, so to speak, and to take charge of that which he is in charge of.

    Neither party appears to be content with his lot in life. For the situation to begin to resolve itself, someone must stand forward and begin to see through the self created illusions of fear and regret that prevent both from moving forward.

    We are all encouraged to live a prosperous life, to walk with Spirit on all levels. When a life is in balance, there is great abundance; relationships, health of mind and body, the pursuits or hobbies one enjoys in life. Without this balance, need becomes central to one's life.

    If the accumulation of material things becomes the central "proof" of one's worthiness rather than the connection with all things, then there is a need to reconnect with one's inherent confidence, and one's confidence in their dreams. To be able to say that one's life is all that it was meant to be is a challenge and a blessing; to give thanks for being where we are now is to be at peace with what is, and begins the process of surrender of limitations.

    Something must 'give' in this situation between them. That little shift in perspective, attitude or gratitude is what is being called for. After this shift occurs, easily done by simply acknowledging that there IS an issue, the rest will begin to manage itself.

    I hope your friend has the courage to look into himself and what he is drawing to him, perhaps out of a misplaced sense of duty that goes far back in his own life experience. I rather think the employee will not be the one to take this step, but would rather sit back and "let be done to her" than take more positive action in life on her own behalf.

    Hope this helps!

    Love and light,


  • Namaste!

    I am logging off now until at least the 26th of December. After all the delays from the snow, we may get to put up our tree today, lol.

    Sending each of you warm wishes for a blessed and peaceful holiday!

    Love light and great JOY,

    Ahliyah : )

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