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  • During the Summer Solstice 2009 I received a divine mandate to create a simple prayer circle. Based on lifetimes of lightwork, I discovered I am uniquely qualified to down-ray the Light, specifically the 12th Ray Christ Consciousness. Over the last several years, I received purification of all my bodies as well as a divine attunement that allows me to utilise the Light at this level and to disperse it on a global scale. In part, this mandate dictates that I funnel the 12th Ray Golden Light through the 3rd Ray of Wholeness and Light, as described by the Melchisadec group, Saren, with whom I work daily. This is G-d's Light, pure clear Essence, and it is for the benefit of all humanity.

    As described to me by Archangel Michael, I no longer need to clear my chakras, ground myself, or clear lower energies. Instead, Michael tells me, I am to utilise the 12th Ray for all my needs. This includes health, manifestations, safety, perfect work, etc... As it is available to me, it is an honor to share it with others, and this is the intention and goal of this prayer circle.

    To share the 12th Ray Golden Light with all who desire to partake of it and are willing pass it along to others.<

    If you'd like to participate in the Circle of Gold, simply send an email including your full name to Prayers go out Friday at sundown for Health, Wealth, Love, and Perfect Self-Expression. The Twelfth Ray is incredibly powerful, so expect to receive its remarkable effects immediately. It is beneficial to remember that you are receiving the Light and to give thanks, so you may like to say, "I am now in perfect balance with the Light. I send its Blessings to ALL I have come into contact with today. Thank you G-d, for the infinite bounty of Thy blessings!"



  • I believe in what you are saying about spreading the Light in a prayer group. The Summer Solstice is also the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in the Catholic Church. Although it is the longest day of the year it is also when the days start declining ("I must decrease, so that you can increase"), until December the Winter Solstice (Christ's birth--days lengthening). St. John being the Prophet that foretold the coming of Christ.

  • That's a very interesting synchronicity, Dalia. Thanks for posting it. Be sure to sign up soon -- prayers go out tomorrow!



  • I sent an email please include me, Thanks!

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  • Thanks for you Prayers, my luck was great this past weekend. God Bless all of you!

  • Poetic, that's wonderful! Is there anything about your weekend you'd feel comfortable sharing?

    Keep up the good focus and stay open!

    Blessings to you, and gratitude,


  • Sure, I like everyone else just about am going through a lot of financial challenges right now. I have a son getting ready to go to College, Mortgage problems, you name it. I went on Saturday to a local Casino to try my luck, and won as soon as i got there and was still winning money when i left. WOW! Havent had that kind of luck in a long time! I was actually crying!

    Thanks so much! May you and your family be Blessed always! I believe that whatever good or bad that a person does, comes back tri-fold.

    Love, C.C.

  • C.C,

    What a wonderful manifestation! I am so happy for you! Please, though, you must simply thank G-d (or what you call your highest power) for being your silent partner in life and for all the wonderful manifestations you received. I am literally the "space", or channel, through which the light is spread.

    Congratulations on using your POWER to be self-reliant!!

    Thanks again for sharing, and may your blessings pile up and overflow, under Grace.



  • I do, everyday. May he bless you & everyone in the circle.

  • I lost my money and everything that I saved for my elder years and being unable to get a job in order to earn some money, I am without my home.

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  • hello Aliyah, I would like to be a part of your prayer circle , I have tried to channel on my own but I truly need help. Thanking you Leonida

  • Hi Ahliyah, I'm wondering what the 12th Ray of Golden Light is. I don't know what the Laws of Attraction are either. So, do we get information when we sign up. I'm interested in the changes you mentioned about external factors are urging us to change from within. I guess I still don't know enough but would like to learn more.

  • Blessings, Dalia. Thank you for asking about the 12th Ray.

    It has been descibed as the love of G-d in action, the literal life force of G-d as Love. Those who seek enlightenment, literally being filled with Light, follow this path. Each of us is light, and we are living our lives as light. We are life itself, yes? Our tissues, organs, cells, ARE life. The more light we draw in, the more our lesser energies depart. The higher we ascend the spiral of Life, the more light we are able to draw in, carry, and utilize. So we learn to direct the Light for specific purposes; releasing emotional blocks, knowing our selves, forgiveness, knowing unconditional love and being it, which is our natural state. Resolution of the past; expanding consciousness and living consciously. Attaining a profound state of peace, and of course, manifestation.

    Here is a portion of a description I posted elsewhere in the forum that may assist you.

    It is an honor and supreme privilege to be a lightworker, and it is not just something we do, it is what we are; it is our life. In essence, the light is literally G-d's love. Lightworkers are born with the knowledge that all Beings are the same, fragments of the First Source, and that we are all connected. Our job, so to speak, is to literally carry, to Be, the Light, and to disperse it. Lightworkers choose different roles to play during our lifetime here, but we all have the honorable duty of assisting Mother Earth with her ascension. Our work is always dedicated to the higher good of all humanity.

    Working with the Rays of Light has been a wonderful,humbling experience.

    One of the better explanations of the 12th ray was channeled by Natalie Glasson;

    "The twelfth ray of light holds a direct link to the Office of the Christ and acts as a teaching ground for those wishing to embody the Christ consciousness. The twelfth ray of light is an extension of the Office of the Christ and anchors the loving energy of the Creator into all rays of light and throughout the Creator’s universe especially the Earth."

    The rays themselves are different expressions of the Creator's energy; for example, red,

    courage and confidence. The benefit of outraying the light is the upliftment of humanity.

    My particular mission, while it has many forms, is to help people develop and grow in order to make their lives more meaningful. By guiding people, I help them recognize their divinity and inspire them to live the ' unlived life' as an expression of their Good. By teaching others about the principles of Life, I help them learn to live within and work with Universal Law. As a healer, I help others come to know themselves as they truly are, rather than what they think and feel they are. There is nothing more satisfying to me than this!

    You may like to research the Brotherhood of Light, or merkaba, or check out the very good info at this website on Lightworkers:

    You also asked about the Law of Attraction; here is the short version. : )

    There has been alot of hype about the Secret these last years; the Secret is generally an incomplete document. A kind of Cliff Note about the Laws of Attraction. Yet the Design of Life is so much more profound! Part of the design of Life is knowing, understanding, and working within the Universal Laws, with which we humans must cooperate. When we cooperate with Universal Law, all is opened to us.

    Some of these include:

    The Law of






    The law of attraction itself is about aligning yourself harmoniously with whatever you desire; literally becoming the frequency of what you want. Like tuning a radio. When you get it just right, the station comes in and you hear music. So we must put ourselves on the frequency that that desire exists on.

    I'll be posting much more about this and the other laws soon.

    Hope this helped.

    Many blessings,

    in love and light, love and light, love and light,


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  • So, the rays are like those of the rainbow. I think it's a good thing. I guess all colors compromise light. I will read more about it. I am especially attracted to topaz light, medium and dark. What are the qualities assoc. with that color. And I'm not especially attracted to amethyst (my birthstone). I guess I should mention blue, pink and topaz are favorites of mine. could you expand on these colors.

  • Namaste, Dalia.

    Pink is true love, compassion, and warmth in its lighter shades; more sexual and physical in its darker shade . Blue is the color of the spirit and relates to self expression - speech, communication, the ability to communicate our needs and requirements; Spirit of truth and purpose. This is a mentally-relaxing color. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation - ideal for sleep problems, and hyper-active children. Connects us to holistic thought, and gives us wisdom and clarity enhancing communication and speech.

    In speaking of topaz it depends which topaz color you like; traditional blue topaz is said to give one spiritual potential and to dramatically increase creativity or intelligence. It is also said that those who wear topaz will be wiser and wealthier.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hello Aliyah, Thank you for responding to me ,I desperately need to be in your circle of prayer, I have tried several times to send a message to your e-mail address and there seem to be a problem getting it thru to you. I do not know why or what I may be doing wrong. Could you please include me for tomorrow . I will be so grateful. Leonida

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