Question for anyone whos willing to answer

  • Hi all,

    A Libra male who I will refer to as P told me that he liked me and he has liked me for some time. I was unaware about how he felt as he wouldn't be someone who I would see regularly. I always found P attractive but honestly never thought he was interested in me and I told him that too. will anything become of this?

    thanks tissy

  • Yes, if you let it. You will have to release some misconceptions or misunderstanding about this person and about yourself.

  • Hi The Captain, I have tried to get closer to him but I never get anywhere, just the odd text here and there.It's frustrating. I don't know what misconceptions I have regarding him so I'll have to do some reflection on that.

    Thank you for twking the time in answering my question

    Tissy 🙂

  • Your friend is very indecisive so you may have to press him hard for a decision or even a date.

  • Have a few libra friends. Very hard for them to make decisions. Once they make a decision about anything they're pretty steadfast. They can appear to be fickle because they are. Can be good friends and maybe this is what's confusing him in present.

  • Yeah maybe, the balls in his court anyways, I've tried after his initial 'move' on me. I appreciate your input Daliolite

  • The ball may be in his court but he doesn't know what to do with it.

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