Blmoon - got my results - u were right !

  • Hi thanks for taking the time earlier last week to do a reading for me. You were correct - fibroids/polyps - doctor said going in to remove them but if she gets in there and finds more than she expected - she will take what she had expected she will take out what she can and then discuss other options. Do you see it going well? Thanks in advance . Many blessings

  • Spirit says research your options so you wil calm your mind as it goes along and not feed the regret monster later. I'm not saying something is going to go wrong but that YOU get anxiouse about making a wrong desicion and so it's better to know what to expect.Fibroids are very common in all women--many do not know they have them and they come and go with hormone levels and age. Many shrink on their own after menopause. The desicion to do surgery must be weighed by the urgency of symptoms. I'm assuming you would not have gone in if you were not troubled by symptoms. So be clear why she wants to take some out----is there a fear of rupturing the tubes? Is it a bleeding issie? Are some so large they are pressing on the bowel. Did you ask her---what if we left them alone and just treated tham as you are planning to treat the ones left. As you know, they may grow back. The best info is from women who have been there so go to a medical site or a few and ask what to expect from fibroid surgery? and find a site that hase a forum underneath where the public pipes in with their story so you get a balance of input. As you know it's the doctors job to treat from a medical perspective--they go first to drugs and surgery. But a wise person educates themself. I'm assuming you asked your doctor why she feels the fobroids must come out---if she is concerned about a dangerouse possability then that should be listened to. I know what's bothering you is the way she leaves you hanging with the well we'll talk about options when we get there when really---you want to know NOW and you should! Do not be afraid to ask questions--there are no dumb questions--this is very much important TO YOU. As for removing is she actually going to do a full open the uterouse surgery? Or just more of a D and C---or a small incision--with just that little scope? It sounds to me like you have either very large ones or many so her concern is the amount of mass. What I'm getting most again is no reall danger signs or bad vibes but see you saying to yourself--well I wished I would have known this? Or why didn't anyone tell me that? You saying well this is a surprise. Again nothing dire just irritating little things. So in that respect my advice is to research on your own so you can ask the right questions. You do not want to be all prepped and have a paper in front of you that wants a permission for removing the organ if she decides once she's in there. I think right now you do not know what questions to ask. And she's done this over and over and is not concerned. But you are a worrier and need to be true to your needs so each step of the way you can know options. If she's planning on putting you on hormones you want to know which ones--how long---what are the possible side affects. I'm a big need to be in control of my own body person and have gotten along fine almost sixity by not always going with meds suggested. It doesn't mean I gnore the problem but often I research forst and try life style changes--diet and supplement and natural things. Even menopause--it was not fun but it passes and I went natural rather than risk breast cancer from hormones----but I am not a doctor and would never advise others--what I do advise is being in tune with YOU and be educated. Do not just put your life in the hands of someone else who knows you only from a ten minute visit now and then. Trust your doctor but also take an educated intrest in yourself as a partnership. And as a spiritual person---always listen to your gut. Your own wise voice not in fear but as a guide. As I see it right now---I do not pick up anything bad or any real alarms going off or warnngs. Just the advice for your own peace of mind and because this issue is not a quike fix you will be less in a state of anxiety if you do research. Also, once your doc knows you look things up a lot she'll tell you more details. It's not that she's not a good doctor but it's like telling your kids too much when you are busy and you know they don't need to know as you have it all under control. Actually, doctors only sit with a lot of info when it's seriouse! This is routine for your doc. But you still have a right to know all you need to know. AGAIN--no I do not feel anything bad. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much for your reading and down to earth advice. She wants to do more of a D &C with the scope. The fibroids as she showed them to me from the scan were large and i have suffered for almost two years with alot of pain along with other symptoms. I meet with my regular doctor this week and see if i can even get clearance for any type of surgery due to my being very anemic. I will definetly sit down and research and have plenty of quiestions on my next doctor visit. Thank you again. Many blessings your way/

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