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    I posted a message to you the other day but had not heard back. I know you are busy so don't mean to be a bother. When you have a moment I'd appreciate your take on what occurred. I'm feeling very much that a new phase is opening up to me. My dreams or rather my nights have been so full you could hardly call it sleep or rest. I'm very aware of changes taking place and of new awarenesses or perhaps acceptance of old ones. Once in awhile I let it all get to me and it's a bit overwhelming. My boss' wife passed recently and the effects of that were hard to handle but I managed. Below is the message I posted, I know before you mentioned my post was not shown to you so I'm hoping maybe this will get through. Take good care.

    I hope the energy of the full moon is serving you well but I really hope you will see this message. Your take on it would be appreciated.

    I awoke this morning from a very vivid "dream" - yea right who am I kidding it was a visit. I tried so hard to get back into it and gather more information but was unsuccessful. It was my mom. I think there may have been others but she was the clear sender. She showed me this mailbox, it was silver, the old mailbox from my old home, where she last lived. Inside were piles of mail, I mean way more than that mail receptacle could ever hold. I felt myself say great she's showing me more bills, then I realized they were envelopes of all shapes and sizes. Sure some of them may have been bills but probably not. On one envelope I remember reading my name handwritten, along with a message, a line or two. At first I thought someone was giving her the message about me ie: RC did this or that but I am pretty certain it was directed at me like RC you need to or whatever. Dog gone it I cannot remember what the lines on that envelope said. Anyway, at first I came out of this thinking just great more focus on things I haven't managed......

    I started doing a typical dream analysis, but then I realized, No, that's not it. The letters, they are all messages, attempts to get through to me, left in piles beyond the capacity of the mailbox unopened, awating my attention, me to address them or receive them. And it was mom who was showing me they were right there, trying to get through to me, so close but unreceived.

    Now ok, before you even say it, I KNOW, that is what I was supposed to get out of that. I got it. I wanted so badly to yell out, no wait, don't go, there's so much I want to say, ask, know....then it hit me, this I KNOW.

    So dear friend, tell me, can you share with me any of the messages that came so close but I simply did not open up "the mailbox" to receive.? What can I do to open up to get all this data? What am I doing to prevent that last piece from getting through? Your advice would be very much appreciated.

    With all our technology, all our knowledge at our fingertips and the simplest thing of just opening it up, opening up to receive slips passed us, almost unnoticed. Talk about feeling a good swift kick in the tail, shaking my head in frustration. What I wouldn't have given for just a minute longer with my mom. Knowing she was right brings tears to my eyes as I write this. But I find solace in the fact that she got through. Help me let the others through, the messages, please.

    Thanks bunches,


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  • Woke up at 3am this morning, wide awake, certain someone had awakened me. But perhaps it is just the clammer I become aware of when the veil is thin and those who are so near can literally rattle my world, not in a bad way. The little one has been extremely curious about my pictures, grandfathers and grandmothers long since gone seem to be in the forefront of her mind. And it is obvious she has had quite a few encounters with my dad. Children sure are amazing.

  • My daughter came into my room a little before bedtime last night I was about to start reading and was just resting for a second. Her entering the room startled me because I was unaware of her coming in, but when I looked up I felt like there was still a shadow that almost came before her. Was it my imagination? What was it I saw?

  • Feeling very much like the other side is trying to get us to put together a puzzle. I dreamt of my mom and the envelopes as mentioned above. Then my brother called to say he had seen her and our uncle and aunt (not a pair) with my brothers & I. We really weren't doing anything significant that I recall but it was a definite coming together of sorts. Wondering if we are all traveling astrally and somehow remember bits and pieces of those adventures in our waking life.

    Also dreamed of the boss' wife the other night, she was showing me pictures of her, pictures of her with other people, in them she was happy. I felt this was a visit, I guess although with her traumatic death it may be too soon for that. Your thoughts?

    I always feel like my messages are somehow hidden from your view Blmoon. Hope all is well with you.


  • Blmoon,

    I keep trying to get through but either you are wrapped up in other things or something is masking my communication with you. I don't understand that but I feel it is the latter for some strange reason.

    So much is going on, good things, remarkable things. Positive changes, prosperity in ways I hadn't expected and in quick succession. My intuition was dead on over the weekend and I really hope that continues as we have much to accomplish in a short amount of time.

    The little one got accepted into a new school and she is excited about that. She will begin kindergarten in Sept. The funds we are working out with some contention from babydaddy as per usual. But I told him we will not allow him to hold back the child because he doesn't feel like it. We're all crunching numbers to make it all happen, me more than them and I am not sure how it will all work out but I KNOW that it will. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Take care. Please touch base when you can. The little one is seeing something or someone once in awhile I see her glaze over, she doesn't like it. Any thoughts?


  • , i hope blmoon, comes to you RC dreamer, im sure she is just busy at the moment too. 🙂

    Hugs n love bee xx

  • 🙂

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  • Alright I shared the message below on thankful......

    I know you must understand what I am describing. Can you help me please to understand it myself???????

    So I have to ask is anyone else "traveling"? Last night I was involved for lack of better terms in a a I don't know what. I was in a place that felt like a classroom or library, there were others gathered and much discussion, it felt important, almost intense. I don't know exactly what it was about or who all was there but I felt associated with many others in the room / area. My alarms kept going off, they are spaced out at 10 minute intervals for those lazy mornings. I know this went on through one of them, then a second, I said "I have to go!" I heard myself say it, I became agitated, you don't understand I have to go NOW. I felt like I ripped myself out of myself, yes that is what I said kind of like you see in the movies where the soul steps backward out of the body and in shock looks at it like huh? Only I was very much in full form, not see through, no esoteric illusion state it was like I sucked a version of myself out of the one that was standing in the midst of this discussion and came ripping back to body to turn off the alarm. Now as bazaar as that sounds I am pretty sure I described it just as it happened. Astral travel? Dual planes.....I'm not sure but it was very real, very powerful. Anyone else feel anything like that. If so, care to share......

    Thanks for listening...Be well my friend.

  • Time traveler

    there's a lot of energy out there. First, the silver mailbox is a metaphor for receiving intuition--silver is a metaphor for the moon. Give yourself a break and stop trying to get something---you are worried you miss something---remember your issues are based on keeping watch and the fear you let something slip--you have responsability--guilt issues. Right now many are feeling an amplified sense of themselves both good and the shadow side. Trust that during busy dreams our higher concesniese does get it! Trust that we do get messages without memory. Many of us have had very busy dreams. Your urgency to go is for you to exit that state of self doubt and fear and just lay low--let go--I've given this advice several times--including to myself! Lay low--keep your energy home--solitude and busy but be busy for YOU! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    Thanks for your response and for your candor. You know you are right, I know you know that I feel like I grasp what I get so tightly that in the end I may hinder other info from coming through. Kind of like looking so hard you can't see what is right in front of your face.

    The energy is astounding. The busy dreams are overwhelming and at times exhausting but I feel like somehow we are doing work on ourselves in an odd from the inside out sort of way.

    I am sorry if my persistence was a bother. I know you are busy. The BIG moon has had a profound effect on many people I've encountered so I'm hoping that some of that energy will rub off on me too.

    Much thanks for the explanation. I am open to receiving on every level possible......


  • Blmoon my friend, how are you? I was just wondering are you up every night like I am for hours at a time? Hope all is well. This new insomnia or rather sleep interruption is a bit peculiar was just wondering if I was the only one experiencing it.

    Enjoy each day, know you are thought of fondly and remembered always.


  • Hey there Lady,

    I hope that as the seasons have begun to change that all is going well for you. You are in my thoughts more than you could ever imagine. Know that you are a blessing to us all. We appreciate it.

  • Embarking on the new year soon,, many changes have taken place in the last couple months and surely there will be many more ahead. I got a car and am mobile again. I'm getting on track with things in general. Our little one is really feeling the emotions of not getting positive attention from her mother. That breaks my heart but I do all I can to make her feel loved. Praying there are good things ahead and that whatever comes my way I will be guided through it.

    Blmoon I wish you & yours the best the holiday season has to offer. Thinking of you often but know that you are extremely busy. Stay well and do keep in touch when you are so inclined. Merry Christmas.

  • Blmoon I just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. May you be blessed.



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