I know this is odd... Christmas in June?!?!?! =/

  • It started this morning... I have to be at work by 5.45 in the morning & I was running a lil late this morning. In my rush I grabbed the first shirt & pair of socks I could find. It just so happened that they both were for Christmas. I had bought them @ Christmas to wear to work. The shirt says:



    To the



    The socks are red & green striped. They remind me of elf socks...

    I had a meeting @ 10. I had my jacket on so I’m pretty sure no one could see my shirt. In the middle of the meeting a lady starts humming salient night.

    Randomly through out the day my iPod is playing Christmas songs.

    I am just curious what everyone else thinks about this, because I feel like someone is trying to tell me something, I’m just not sure what.

  • I feel you are being inspired by your angels and guides to remind everyone that the Christmas spirit of peace and goodwill to all men should not be confined to one season, but practised throughout the year

  • Thank you Captian! i agree too.

  • Since I am a huge Christmas lover I am also occasionally reminded of that wonderful period during the year, but not up to the point of christmassy things occurring everywhere as they happen to you (enne)... So you people also believe Christmas is something magic? I'm already looking forward to the season!

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