I want to break the cycle

  • Would like to know if I will find a man who will treat me as woman wife should be and love my kids as well and when? I'm used to be treating less than whabim worth and not willing to just jump in to a relationship with just anyone especially bc I have two young men my birthday is sept 20 1983 641 pm thank you

  • Your birthdate is not going to determine if you will find someone who will care for you. Just don't give up, love yourself, and don't settle for less than what you know you want and deserve 🙂

  • I just want to break the cycle of abuse in my family every woman has ended up being with an abusive man while growing up I swore I'd never fall into that n sure enough I did not once but twice ten years later I am hoping to find a descent man wanted to know if was in my astrology chart or a psychic for insight I know I have the option as for now I'm opting out on all forms of relations with the opposite sex to gain enlightenment in myself n others around me

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