Captain: I would love to get your insight on things...

  • Hello Captain,

    I just joined these forums only about 2 weeks ago. I posted my first and only post (asking for help) about a situation that I was dealing with. I did in fact, get some VERY GOOD advice from another Forum Member.

    After perusing these forums, I have seen that you have been extremely active in helping SO MANY people with there issues and problems.

    I know you are probably SUPER BUSY...however if you have a moment...would you mind reading my post located here:

    I WOULD LOVE to get your insight as well, on some of the matters that I had posted about.

    Thank you SOO MUCH in advance Captain!!!


  • Answered on other thread.

  • Hello Captain,

    It's been a while. I posted an update to my situation on the other thread.



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