Reiki Healers Please Help

  • I took my nine year old cat Shu Shu who is female and had her given two vaccinations and was told she should not have reactions for more than two days. It will be seven days tommrow and Shu has just been knocked down with reactions. She had a fever (I had her checked at the Vets and this was confirmed) she has been to her self and sleeps a lot her appetite has been greatly demenished and I had been buying her wet food so she can eat the gravy, she was raised on dry food. I called the Vet today and left a message as to her condition.

    Please send Shu some healing, as she really can use it at this time.

    Thanks to one and all that will take the time to help my beautiful girl overcome this and Be Well once again.


  • Hi Shuabby healing on its way


  • Shuabby what is wrong with her throat area?


  • sending prayers & blessing for a speedy recovery for Shu Shu

  • Paddifluff

    I have notice that she is doing this licking swallowing thing, I think she may be nauseated from the vaccinations? If I continue to see her doing this I will take her back to the Vet. I really appreciate your help and sending her healing. She did eat better today


  • Aww...

    I hope your kitty gets better.

    I'll send all my positive energy, prayers and love to her-- and you!

  • Hi Shuabby,

    BIG Hug for your kitty, from me and my little rascal at home 🙂 Hope she gets well soon. And take care of yourself too.

  • Shaubby, when I got my cat shots he suddenly got "fever of unknown origin" which of course the origin seemed plain to me. We were in and out of the emergency room all that weekend....they gave him iv fluids. So let her eat all the gravy she can, tuna oil, tuna water, plain water

    • years later when my cat had liver and kidney failure I put canned food in a blender with water, got a syringe and shot it into his mouth, after the vet stay - and he came through and lived to be 19!

    So I'll add my prayers and send Shu Shu balls of light and help strengthen her will to stay - I used to tell Goose every day, don't leave me, never leave me....until the end. I think at times like this if you ask them to stay and they can, they will. Goose "self medicated" by drinking a glass or more of water a day after the kidney stuff for 9 years....I miss him so much and he's in my prayers every night, he will always be a part of me.

    They are angels right here with us!!

    Blessings to you and yours,


  • Thank you all so much for your prayers and healing for Shu Shu. Jlina what you said touched my heart and helped to give understanding too. Shu did better eating some dry food today along with her gravy wet food. She is still keeping to herself at night and she always slept with me , so of course I miss her and tell her so, and that I love her everyday. She is one that I have always called an angel as she has always been so loving and caring , she is beautiful from the outside , in. If I knew how to download her picture here I would.


  • You learn something new each day, as I have learned how to add images. Here is Shu Shu

  • Blessings to you and Shu Shu, Shuabby. My first cat was also named Shu Shu 😉 And I believe you also had a cat named Chloe - same name as the current love in my life. Hope Shu is feeling better...

  • Shaubby - is she still getting better? when they sleep alone it is very scary! I didn't see a picture but I definitely have sent her energy - animals tend to like quick little bursts of Reiki -they'll often shake it off after only a small amount of touch, so I also prayed for her.....

    I hope she stays for a long, long time - they are so strong, such clearers of energy and so of the angels/close to God/dess!

  • Hello Shuabby - How is dear little Shu Shu today? Hoping all the healing energy being sent her way is helping 🙂

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