My poor doggy

  • My small boxer hazel isn't doing so well. She has spine problems apparently shes has since birth. Is she going to get bettee? If so when do you think. I just feel so bad for her.

  • Hi Duckducksharon

    I will pray to St Francis (the animal saint) to help Hazel to get better.

    I know St Francis will help him.

    Keep us posted please if her condition. Hope a reader gets to answer you soon.

    Many blessings to you and Hazel

  • Thank you for your prayers in this difficult time.

    God bless!


  • Dear Duckduck Sharon

    I will send healing energy and prayers to Archangel Raphael for your doggy hazel as well . My thoughts are with you during this difficult time

    Love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you so much, really appreciate you.

    This is so hard for me and my family. I truly hope things will get back to normal eventually. : (

  • Anything anyone with abilities can see?

  • Hi DDS,

    I feel drawn to her back legs i strongly feel that she has arthritis or something along those lines is she walking lopsided or waddleing at all ?

  • Yes, yes she is walking like that.

  • DDS,

    I strongly feel the pain is in her left back leg on the side more up at the top i am feeling this is affecting her hips as well causing her to waddle , i also dont know if i am picking up this energy from my own dog who has also been sick recenty but are her bowel movements irregular at all ?

  • Anybody else who could help find out whats wrong with Sharons dog Hazel (a boxer)?

    We need some help PLEASE!!!!! Poor Hazel the dog is suffering!!!

    I'm still praying for your dog Sharon. Hope we get more response to find out whats wrong

    with Hazel.

  • Living on a prayer. You do think it is arthritis backdating the pain in her walking?

    Thank you Magic kal. I appreciate this!

    Praying everyday.

  • HI DDS,

    Last night i sent Hazel healing energy and i felt it was in both legs this time , and the hip area as well but i am no vet im just going by what i feel and where i am being drawn to in her body i strongly do feel it is a form of arthritis or something along those lines . . Why dont you ask The Captain? as she helped me when my dog was sick . along with alot of other kind people who sent prayers and healing energy .I will keep you posted if i pick up on more and i hope Hazel is feeling better soon .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you so much. And keep hazel in your prayers dear!

  • Of course and you are very welcome DDS

  • Magickal .

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for sending my dog Doogie healing energy when he was ill . I havent forgotten what you did it meant alot . I to hope we get more responses for Hazel as my heart goes out to DDS .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • boxers, rottweilers and several other breeds have a heredity problem called hip displaysia. it's a difficult thing to see your pup go through, but there's not much you can do about it. Unless there is a surgery that can be performed, she's just got bad genes. You can look at improving her diet, and getting her high quailty foods, and pain killers that can be prescribed by a vetrenarian to help her go through life with less pain.

  • Tomorrow she is going to start the new medicine that is supposed to make us see a big difference. I hope this is true. I hope she responds to this. Its so hard to see the most full of lfe energetic lil girl have a hard time trying to get up and walk to pee.

    Please god help my baby .

  • sending healing prayers...

    Love and Light

  • Dear psychics.

    Is it at all possible this inflammation could have something to do with what hazel may be eating? Like she is allergic to something? Just a thought? I've been reading about boxers being sensitive.

    Thankyou in advance

  • Hi Sharon

    Hows Hazel doing? She is still in my prayers.

    Anyone would like to do a reading on Sharons dog Hazel??

    Many blessings

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