Any tips for redirecting energy?

  • I was told that I had a high energy. I'm not quite sure what that means but it was explained as being someone who can make things happen but that I should look into learning how to redirect energy. So, i've looked at sites about energy and redirecting it and a lot of it sounds sort of mumbo jumbo. Can anyone give tips for redirecting for instance negative thoughts into positive and manifesting. i know about the whole "secret' thing and vision boards, journaling, etc. Are there any other visualisation tips...or anything else that people can reccommend? many thanks!!!

    xx SE

  • stonyeye

    You may have a high healing energy? You can direct your energy into the healing pathways and do a lot of good with it. Find a reiki share class to attend and learn how healers use their energy, than make your deceision. We all have the power to control our thoughts, so if you feel the negative thought and want to change it to a positive than you have changed the energy of the thought it is that easy.


  • Thank you Shuabby! I will do as you suggested! I've always been attracted to reiki. Hope you are well! xx

  • Hi, Stonyeye and Shuabby - I am a 3x Reiki master, it's great - but what I've found is really amazing at re-direction is NLP Hypnosis - they have specific tasks and processes that really make a imagining something brightly colored and slowly it gets smaller and black and white and the pull lessens....and also eft or tapping - there's tons of videos on it on youtube; there's a "reversal" tap that's supposed to reverse your polarization and switch your outlook...

    Happy finding new paths!

  • Any tips for building energy, if I am low energy, or feeling drained, spiritually/emotionally?

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